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Sierra Mail App

I Have been tried many mail client for my work email (Polymail, Spark, Outlook(!), etc), and as we all know, corporate web based email is ugly, from Zimbra to Microsoft Outlook, some might tried to make it look nicer, but still i prefer using a desktop app for my everyday mailing needs.

I love macOS mail app, but up until Sierra released, the Mail app change, the one thing that annoyed me is, i cannot see the recipients list unless i clicked the ‘Details’ menu. it used to be clicking the ‘& 10 more’ if you have more than 2 cc for example.


the only thing i complained about Spark is, it cannot send email with email as an attachments.

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LEGO®: Customer service done right

So the story began when my nephew had his Lego brick piece is missing, it’s new, and he was trying to search the piece, probably hiding somewhere in the box, with no luck. And cleverly decided to email Lego support, tell them that he had not recieve a full pieces of his Lego, and the response from Lego is astonishing.

Lego letter

That’s customer satisfaction.

USB Type-C

Using Macbook Pro that equipped with USB Type-c is quite challenging, not because it’s bad, but this USB type is ‘unconventional’, means, it’s hard to connect your peripherals because all you have is USB Type-A connectors, buying an Apple USB-C to USB converter seems ridiculously pricey, and this is a review-ish kinda thing.

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How the iPhone Was Born: Inside Stories of Missteps and Triumphs →

How Apple build and success with the iPhone, couple former VPs on the interview, it’s a great video!

and also this video.


Don’t know where i have been, these Hooverphonic concert with an orchestra is AMAZING!, the symfony, vocals, everything, it’s just perfect.

I was first introduced with triphop songs by my late-friend Taufik (GBU my friend), he introduced me to the type of Portishead, Hooverphonic, Lamb, Goldfrapp, etc. i was hooked, need more, just listening to a cassette (it’s year 2000 after all), mp3 is just booming, file sharing is everywhere (napster, kazaa, – yeah old), and i admit it that i was using that service a while back just to get the 2Wicky and Mad About You from Hooverphonic in MP3 format.