Contributing to Complex Projects →

Following Mitchell for quite some time, and also a user of his/their product, Hashicorp, ranging from Vault, Vagrant, Terraform amongst other, his blog plot kinda resonate me.

To contribute a complex project, and sometime huge, huge and complex are deadly combo if we are not careful.

In this new teritoty, i was tasked with lots of tools and projects, even though i’m not the one who exclusively build it, but has occasional contribution to the projects, and to be honest it could be frustating, from a huge code base with lots of library, in-house build, custom or freely available.

So many things need to be consider, from stability, optimation, not to mention, security.

The approaches laid in this article are spot on.

Memahami Risiko dalam investasi →

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plan”

John Lennon

Meski bukan penggemar kang John Lennon, tapi kata-kata ini sering saya dengar, dan memahami kalimat ini bisa dengan arti berbeda, tergantung dengan situasi yang sedang dihadapi, dan realita selalu menghadirkan hal yang jujur, yang tanpa ditutupi, dan kita sendiri yang tentunya harus menghadapinya.

Akhir-akhir ini agak kurang banyak menulis, dan akhirnya bisa menulis lagi, terutama di Seputar Finansial, kali ini yang ditulis adalah mengenai risiko dalam investasi yang biasa investor hadapi, apakah ini tulisan yang bagus? been better, tapi sebagai pembuka dari sekian lama hiatus, sebenarnya masih ada topik lain yang belum dipublish, mudah-mudahan dalam waktu dekat bisa lebih banyak nulis lagi.

Choose Your Status Game Wisely →

Banyak yang mencari status sebagai satu bentuk validasi terhadap kehidupan sosial yang ada di sekitarnya, dan itu tergantung dari lingkungan, jika lingkungannya sangat mengagungkan status, bisa jadi banyak yang berlomba untuk bisa mendapatkan status yang paling tinggi.

Dan itu tidak akan selesai, tidak ada garis finish-nya.

The Optimal Amount of Hassle →

I was once on a flight with a CEO – he let everyone know that’s what he was – who lost his mind after we had to change gates twice. I wondered: How did he make it this far in life without the ability to deal with petty annoyances outside of his control? The most likely answer is that he lives in denial over what he thinks he’s in control of, and demands unrealistic precision from subordinates who compensate by hiding bad news.

It’s true, life full of bullshit, but that doesn’t mean you should stop or avoid all of the bullshit, just enough to get by, we tolerate them and then move on. Is it worth it to go to the hassle by fighting all of the bullshit?

The TTY demystified →

Some would say this a bit boring, but this is one of the basic of Unix or rather Linux system, the TTY, or TeleTYpewriter. TTY one of the Unix/Linux’s subsytem, the article deliver a definitive guide for TTY, what it is, why it’s important, and it could served as an introductionary for Unix/Linux admin/developer/users.

It’s a quite long article, but it’s worth to read!