Using Windows

Using Windows

In short, right now, currently been using Windows 11, and so far i’m quite happy with it, let me break it down.

I have been a macOS user since 2005 (or it called OSX back then, Panther), and more than happy using it, and quite used to and grown to love it along side with Linux Mandrake on my desktop computer, and eventually using OSX on the daily basis, last time using windows was around 2003, and the last windows version i’ve been used is windows XP.

Skipped a lot of windows versions, now jump to my current windows version, which is Windows 11.

Quite surprise with the release, been on and off using windows, mostly acted as IT support for friends and family, reinstall their windows, whichever version they were using, and never quite like it, i preferred using Linux, it’s hard to use windows for development setup.

And i think it’s changed now, with my limited knowledge about windows, i think using windows 11 is great for development setup, i can have almost all of my tools for development setup when in my macOS, i could have all of the nice things like containerization (docker, podman, or even orchestration like kubernetes), compiler (go, rust), scripts (python, ruby, nodejs, etc), and as mentioned before, it can run container, so using whole a lot of linux flavor is a matter of choices, and practically it can run whatever languange you are using for development, and whatever database if you need it.

Windows also could run WSL2, which is a linux subsystem for windows, and it’s a great thing to have, i can have a “dedicated” linux environment on windows.

For a moment, forgot that this is a windows machine.

Release Notes

Release Notes
Photo by Arc Browser

As geek as i can be, one of the things i love is reading release notes, especially from my favorite applications or useful packages.

Today just saw an update notification from Arc Browser, one of the browser i have been using intensively lately, beside Brave Browser, and i was so excited to see what’s new in this update.

They posted the release as attractive as it can be, shared internal discussion, video, some kind of behind the scene.

Some company release the release note or changelog as a blog post, some as a video, some as a tweet, some as a blog post with video, and sometimes, it can be as geek as it can be and confusing at the same time, big project like Kubernetes, but i still read it anyway.

End of Life for Twilio Authy Desktop Apps →

Welp! just like that…

The Authy Desktop apps for Windows and MacOS that are available or were previously downloaded from as well as those for Linux will reach their End-of-Life on March 19, 2024

Been usin this app on my desktop for a while now, and it’s been a great tool for providing 2FA for all of my accounts, it’s convienient and easy to use, it’s all over the place, my android, iOS, macOS, Windows, while on my laptop, don’t need to open my phone just to get 2FA, and now they shut it down.

The most tedious job is the migration, probably will use 1Password, been using that for a while, and they have 2FA feature also, but the thing is, 1Password is not cheap, yes 2FA came with the subscription, but it is worrying to depend on only one service to do it all, from password management to 2FA, i’m not too comfortable with that, there are some alternative mentioned in the webpage.

A quick look back at the official announcement of Windows XP 23 years ago today →

Well, here we are, another nostalgia day. We have windows XP now, not much i could remember of this operating system, since i was quite busy with GNU/Linux back then, but i still using this OS as dual booth with Linux Mandrake.

Kind of huge leap for microsoft to launch this OS, trying to remember the day i was assembling my computer, it only had like 256MB of RAM, dan something AMD Athlon(?) forget the details, or i was still using Celeron II at that time.

I think i remembered how much Windows XP took space on my disk, i think around couple hundred megabytes, already using a “big” harddisk storage at that time, around 4.3GB from Quantum Fireball.

The application i have at that time i think, Winamp (this is mandatory), microsoft word, Deplhi IDE, VB IDE, SQL server lite, some other tools.

Another nostlagia post from NeoWin, Corel Linux, yup i am using that linux distro also, with Caldera, and SuSE linux, still crazy (and love) installing new fresh linux system and playing with bunch of desktop manager.

This is good podcast

Membuat blog lain, kali ini khusus tentang podcast, karena saya suka podcast, dan diblog ini pun sering sekali bahas podcast, jadi mikir, kenapa tidak bikin yang khusus tentang itu, sudah beli domainnya beberapa waktu yang lalu, dan mungkin memang agak kurang isinya saat ini.

Tahun 2024 ini setelah lama gak nulis, baru posting lagi

Masih berusaha untuk lebih sering nulis, meski sudah bikin cadence setidaknya 2 minggu sekali nulis di blog-blog yang saya punya, cuman masih belum bisa konsisten.