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What a day

yesterday, a site that i help build, wujudkan.com is launched, for those who don’t know wujudkan is, it’s a crowd funding site, that helps creative talent, or someone who wants to build something and need some fundings.

it took a lot of confident to launch it, since so many little things that we have to handle, from the working codes, redactional text, email etc. from many startup advice, launch as soon as possible is essential, to get users feedback you have to launch your product, to get to know what is wrong with your app is launch it. so by today, i look at the Google Analytics, it was quite good, from the developers perspective, the site is running just fine, no choke, no database overload, maybe because the traffic is just average (dunno, though).



another stat

and now for the engagement to the users, from the beginning, the team has already using social media tools to make an introductory to the users. the feedback from twitter channel is quite positive, they help us by reporting bugs and what features they want. so i guess now is the time for some bug squashing and development.

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