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Deden Fathurahman

Hi i’m Deden fathurahman,

I’m an engineer, a more like system architects, blogger, newsletter author, working at a fintech company Jenius. Listened to a lot of podcast, mumbling about development stuff at Jakartadev or Jenius Tech Engineering, like things about developments, agile, high performance/availability, product management.

I love coffee, started a semi-active blog site Epicoffee.

About HyperText Thrones

The site started around 2013, but the content has been imported from my various blogging platform, i’m blogging since 2006, my content scattered, from blogger.com, blogsome, posterous, wordpress and eventually bought my own domain and imported my can-save content out there.

I host this site using Github page, so, no server cost, ha!, just push the content to my repo, and Github will take care the rest. I use Ruby Jekyll blogging engine, been eyeing Ghost, but i always came back to Jekyll. Park my domain to Cloudflare, they took care about security and any other stuff.


Jadi, terkadang isi dari blog ini campur-campur, kadang bahasa inggris, kadang bahasa indonesia, tergantung konteks dan keinginan hehe.., jadi iya, bahasa indonesia adalah bahasa indonesia, don’t call it bahasa, call it indonesian.


Email : dedenf@gmail.com or me@dedenf.com

Twitter account : @dedenf

Keybase : @dedenf

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CSS Styling and design using ACE with couple custom style.

jekyll :heart: github.