End of Life for Twilio Authy Desktop Apps →

Welp! just like that…

The Authy Desktop apps for Windows and MacOS that are available or were previously downloaded from as well as those for Linux will reach their End-of-Life on March 19, 2024

Been usin this app on my desktop for a while now, and it’s been a great tool for providing 2FA for all of my accounts, it’s convienient and easy to use, it’s all over the place, my android, iOS, macOS, Windows, while on my laptop, don’t need to open my phone just to get 2FA, and now they shut it down.

The most tedious job is the migration, probably will use 1Password, been using that for a while, and they have 2FA feature also, but the thing is, 1Password is not cheap, yes 2FA came with the subscription, but it is worrying to depend on only one service to do it all, from password management to 2FA, i’m not too comfortable with that, there are some alternative mentioned in the webpage.

A quick look back at the official announcement of Windows XP 23 years ago today →

Well, here we are, another nostalgia day. We have windows XP now, not much i could remember of this operating system, since i was quite busy with GNU/Linux back then, but i still using this OS as dual booth with Linux Mandrake.

Kind of huge leap for microsoft to launch this OS, trying to remember the day i was assembling my computer, it only had like 256MB of RAM, dan something AMD Athlon(?) forget the details, or i was still using Celeron II at that time.

I think i remembered how much Windows XP took space on my disk, i think around couple hundred megabytes, already using a “big” harddisk storage at that time, around 4.3GB from Quantum Fireball.

The application i have at that time i think, Winamp (this is mandatory), microsoft word, Deplhi IDE, VB IDE, SQL server lite, some other tools.

Another nostlagia post from NeoWin, Corel Linux, yup i am using that linux distro also, with Caldera, and SuSE linux, still crazy (and love) installing new fresh linux system and playing with bunch of desktop manager.

Yura Yunita - Tenang (Short Film) →

Yura Yunita - Tenang

Nemu music video dari lagu Tenang yang dinyanyikan oleh Yura Yunita, music video-nya sendiri tidak dalam bentuk yang biasa, tapi berupa film pendek.

Alur cerita film pendek inilah, atau setidaknya menit pertamanya, hal yang saya alami juga, saya mulai lupa suara bapak, saat itu tidak ada kamera yang bisa menangkap gambar dan suara bapak, suara Ibu masih sangat jelas di kepala, mungkin karena Ibu nyusul bapak baru-baru ini aja, mungkin itu alasannya masih terasa jelas suara beliau, meski terkadang saya lupa kalau Ibu sudah ga ada.

Saya gak tau cari sumber untuk bisa mendengarkan lagi suara bapak darimana.

Our Digital Lives Are Too Fragile →

The death of free Evernote is just one example of how our datafied lives are entangled with the fates and whims of tech companies. In August, users on X (formerly known as Twitter) lost three years’ worth of photos. And last month, Google Drive started hemorrhaging files, with some users losing years of data. Our digital life has become increasingly impermanent and is mostly outside of our control, making the threat and pain of digital loss ever more acute.

This is not the first time, nor the last time, data loss, especially the one that was not our fault.

And true, sometimes if we Googled how to backup our files, it will recommended you to store the files in the cloud, in some sort of storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive.

Sometimes the technology also a curse, with today’s advancement, for example the camera getting good, and of course the quality of the photos are great too, and it has a bigger file size obviously, that contributed to how much space we should allocated. As a quite sentimental person, sometimes i kept even the “ugly” photos, or “unprepared scene” photo, it’s just captured the moments with all of the candidness, to make it more realistic.

Then came the bills, and it can be expensive, currently i’m using Google Drive and iCloud Drive to backup my files, iCloud specific for my mac and iPhone, and it recently almost hit the maximum threshold, i was hesitant pay more to Google and Apple, now i have external drives to backup my files, that too almost filled up, 3TB storage space was not enough, need to purchase another, but it also came with its own risk, the drive might stop working, i’ll eventually lost my data, for now the data in the cloud still secured, no dataloss like many other user’s experienced.

Redundant backup might help, but expensive. so for now, selecting which files that i can afford to lose, and obviously my family photo collections is not the one, maybe i’ll consider buy more space (and external drive) it if hit the threshold.

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Pencil talk →

Blog ini menarik, cukup niche, membahas yang lumayan unik, saya sendiri tidak banyak tahu ada produksi pensil yang unik-unik ini, untuk merk, paling hanya pernah menggunakan merk Staedler, itupun hanya untuk mengisi ujian.

Untuk kalangan arsitek, standar HB grade ini sangat diperhatikan, again, saya baru tahu juga ada hal yang beginian.

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In the Gut’s ‘Second Brain,’ Key Agents of Health Emerge →

Didalam artikel ini, menjelaskan bagaimana pencernaan memiliki peranan penting dalam memproses makanan yang masuk ke dalam tubuh kita, bagaimana satu tubuh ini melakukan harmony, proses pencernaan dari mulut, esofagus, perut, sampai ke usus dan keluar.

Proses pencernaan yang dimulai dari mulut sampai akhirnya ke area pencernaan perut, terutama di usus, ketika makanan tersebut selesai diproses di proses sebelumnya, dan akan diserap oleh tubuh, hal ini, terutama yang ada di usus, memiliki hal yang sama pentingnya dengan yang ada di otak kita.

Di pencernaan ini juga hidup banyak mikrobiom, ada bakteri, jamur, virus dan lainnya, yang menjadi satu kesatuan mikrobiom dalam pencernaan, perubahan mikrobiom di pencernaan bisa menimbulkan gangguan, bisa itu karena perubahan gaya hidup, bawaan, atau faktor lain, seperti misalkan covid-19, yang mana itu merusak kesehatan dari mikrobiom dalam pencernaan perut.

Gangguan pada mikrobiom pencernaan bisa menimbulkan antara lain obesitas, diabetes dan kanker.

Banyak penelitian yang muncul mengenai kesehatan pencernaan, ada hubungan dengan kejiwaan seseorang, dan bagaimana pencernaan ini berhubungan dengan otak, ada juga penelitian, terutama ketika Covid kemarin, ada banyak laporan mengenai kesehatan dari pencernaannya terganggu.

Playing with Canonical Multipass →

Recently geeking out with Multipass, i’ve blogged it on my TIL blog, it’s a provisioning tools that could spin instance many operating system, a useful program, and reminded me with Vagrant, the tool that i have been use to provision an instance, it can be Linux, windows, macOS, as long as the driver is present.

Using Multipass is easy, no complex command, and it’s quite easy to integrate it with other virtualization driver.

Egypt Rabaa killings pain lingers 10 years on →

“Dead bodies were everywhere,” he recalls. “We couldn’t keep count. We couldn’t help one another.”

Kejadian berdarah di Rabaa, Mesir, sepuluh tahun lalu, ratusan (bahkan ada yang melaporkan lebih dari seribu) meninggal dunia dalam kejadian tersebut, dan beberapa berita dan ada beberapa orang yang diinterview yang mengalami kejadian itu, membacanya sendiri sudah bikin eneg.

Bahasan di outlet berita Washington Post

“I carried my father, I put him in the grave and his blood was on my clothes,” Omar told his mother when they returned home.

Dan mungkin ada hal yang seperti menjadi kesamaan untuk tragedi-tragedi tersebut, di Mesir, pembicaraan mengenai Rabaa ini agak sulit dibahas di sana, mungkin sama seperti kejadian tahun 98 di Konoha.

Semangat kaum urban pejuang subuh →

Melihat video ini, berasa miris, kesian, tapi juga merasa kagum, hebatnya perjuangan bapak itu dan anaknya, untuk bisa sekolah dan mengajar, dan pastinya bapak ini tidak sendiri, seperti di video, banyak juga kaum urban yang bekerja di Jakarta, mereka bisa berangkat dari daerah sekitar/penyangga kota Jakarta.

Di video, sang bapak bangun mulai dari jam 3.30 pagi, dan itu dilakukan setiap hari, bapak ini kebetulan tempat kerjanya tidak begitu jauh dari stasiun Tebet, bisa dibayangin yang lain yang bekerja jauh dari stasiun, dan harus melakukan perjalanan lagi menggunakan moda transportasi.

Untuk yang tidak perlu melakukan hal ini, jangan lupa bersyukur, khususnya saya sendiri.

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Contributing to Complex Projects →

Following Mitchell for quite some time, and also a user of his/their product, Hashicorp, ranging from Vault, Vagrant, Terraform amongst other, his blog plot kinda resonate me.

To contribute a complex project, and sometime huge, huge and complex are deadly combo if we are not careful.

In this new teritoty, i was tasked with lots of tools and projects, even though i’m not the one who exclusively build it, but has occasional contribution to the projects, and to be honest it could be frustating, from a huge code base with lots of library, in-house build, custom or freely available.

So many things need to be consider, from stability, optimation, not to mention, security.

The approaches laid in this article are spot on.

Memahami Risiko dalam investasi →

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plan”

John Lennon

Meski bukan penggemar kang John Lennon, tapi kata-kata ini sering saya dengar, dan memahami kalimat ini bisa dengan arti berbeda, tergantung dengan situasi yang sedang dihadapi, dan realita selalu menghadirkan hal yang jujur, yang tanpa ditutupi, dan kita sendiri yang tentunya harus menghadapinya.

Akhir-akhir ini agak kurang banyak menulis, dan akhirnya bisa menulis lagi, terutama di Seputar Finansial, kali ini yang ditulis adalah mengenai risiko dalam investasi yang biasa investor hadapi, apakah ini tulisan yang bagus? been better, tapi sebagai pembuka dari sekian lama hiatus, sebenarnya masih ada topik lain yang belum dipublish, mudah-mudahan dalam waktu dekat bisa lebih banyak nulis lagi.

Choose Your Status Game Wisely →

Banyak yang mencari status sebagai satu bentuk validasi terhadap kehidupan sosial yang ada di sekitarnya, dan itu tergantung dari lingkungan, jika lingkungannya sangat mengagungkan status, bisa jadi banyak yang berlomba untuk bisa mendapatkan status yang paling tinggi.

Dan itu tidak akan selesai, tidak ada garis finish-nya.

The Optimal Amount of Hassle →

I was once on a flight with a CEO – he let everyone know that’s what he was – who lost his mind after we had to change gates twice. I wondered: How did he make it this far in life without the ability to deal with petty annoyances outside of his control? The most likely answer is that he lives in denial over what he thinks he’s in control of, and demands unrealistic precision from subordinates who compensate by hiding bad news.

It’s true, life full of bullshit, but that doesn’t mean you should stop or avoid all of the bullshit, just enough to get by, we tolerate them and then move on. Is it worth it to go to the hassle by fighting all of the bullshit?

The TTY demystified →

Some would say this a bit boring, but this is one of the basic of Unix or rather Linux system, the TTY, or TeleTYpewriter. TTY one of the Unix/Linux’s subsytem, the article deliver a definitive guide for TTY, what it is, why it’s important, and it could served as an introductionary for Unix/Linux admin/developer/users.

It’s a quite long article, but it’s worth to read!

IPO $GOTO, dan edukasi saham oleh GOTO →

Artikel yang saya tulis di Seputar Investasi, gara-gara melihat banyak sekali konten, artikel yang dibuat oleh Gojek, Tokopedia dalam rangka IPO yang saat ini dalam tahap Book Building, banyak artikel yang memuat bagaimana cara melakukan pemesanan, membuat akun di broker saham yang mendukung IPO GOTO ini.

How coverage of the Ukraine-Russia conflict highlights a racist double standard →

The wave of solidarity with Ukraine is inspiring, but it shows how years of dehumanization have made the deaths of people in the Middle East seem more tolerable.

Membaca artikel di atas jadi kepikiran, dukungan yang luas terhadap Ukraina dari banyak pihak terkait dengan invasi Rusia ke negara tersebut, tidak ada yang salah mengenai hal tersebut, tapi jangan lupa juga ada yang mengalami hal serupa, yang sudah berjalan puluhan tahun, tetapi tidak mendapatkan dukungan yang serupa, ambil contoh, Palestina.

Layaknya White Elephant, yang mana gajah itu ada, tapi tidak dibahas, dan cenderung mengabaikannya.

Liputan berita yang menekankan bahwa Ukraina itu bangsa kulit putih, makin membuat keanehan, memangnya kenapa dengan kulit putih? ketidakadilan bisa dialami oleh semua ras, dan jadi kulit putih tidak menjadi hal yang lebih dari ras-ras yang lain, sama-sama manusia, yang harus diperlakukan manusiawi terlepas ras-nya.

Learning By Writing →

These workflow are amazing

The rough basic idea is that I organize my learning around writing rather than reading. This doesn’t mean I don’t read - just that the reading is always in service of the writing.

Here’s an outline:

  • Step 1 – Pick a topic
  • Step 2 – Read and/or discuss with others (a bit)
  • Step 3 – Explain and defend my current, incredibly premature hypothesis, in writing (or conversation)
  • Step 4 – Find and list weaknesses in my case
  • Step 5 – Pick a subquestion and do more reading/discussing
  • Step 6 – Revise my claim / switch sides
  • Step 7 – Repeat steps 3-6 a bunch
  • Step 8 – Get feedback on a draft from others, and use this to keep repeating steps 3-6

The detail how-to were very consice, recommended for reading.

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New study reveals iPhones aren't as private as you think →

“Both iOS and Google Android share data with Apple/Google on average every 4.5 [minutes],” a research paper published last week by Trinity College in Dublin says. “The ‘essential’ data collection is extensive, and likely at odds with reasonable user expectations.”


“Both iOS and Google Android transmit telemetry, despite the user explicitly opting out of this,” the paper adds. “However, Google collects a notably larger volume of handset data than Apple.”

Welp, nothing is safe, we are trading convenience with privacy, there’s no absolute privacy, what we can do is just minimize the impact.

The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done →

Written by Cal Newport, one of my favorite writer, author, he tell the story about Getting things done movement in the past, even interviewing Merlin Mann and other authors, i have been using this techniques in the past, yes, it is sometimes did not worked as intended, overwhelmed, probably there are mistakes in my implementation, but still, this is a journey.

Before there was “personal productivity,” there was just productivity: a measure of how much a worker could produce in a fixed interval of time.

GTD made a framework, or model, it was not intended to have a right or wrong action, it’s just how the way you managed your time, and making the best out of it.

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Daily Found: Zodiak →

Meski saya sendiri tidak begitu memandang serius mengenai zodiak, tapi menarik untuk dibaca asal usul dan juga bagaimana zodiak menjadi satu acuan satu sifat yang dibawa manusia, berubah makna awalnya dari penanggalan revolusi bumi ke matahari.

The Babylonians lived over 3,000 years ago. They divided the zodiac into 12 equal parts – like cutting a pizza into 12 equal slices. They picked 12 constellations in the zodiac, one for each of the 12 “slices.” So, as Earth orbits the sun, the sun would appear to pass through each of the 12 parts of the zodiac. Since the Babylonians already had a 12-month calendar (based on the phases of the moon), each month got a slice of the zodiac all to itself.

Penanggalan ini digunakan oleh bangsa babilonia pada zaman dahulu, dan juga pemilihan 12 tanda zodiak.

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Hal-hal yang ada ketika bekerja dari rumah →

Selain hal yang sebaiknya dilakukan ketika bekerja di rumah, ada hal-hal yang perlu diperhatikan juga, karena bekerja dari rumah bukan berarti bebas masalah, terutama mengenai penggunaan listrik.

dengan adanya yang bekerja di rumah, menambah orang yang rumah disaat siang hari, yang sebelumnya tidak ada penggunaan listrik siang hari menjadi ada, dan terkadang AC hidup sepanjang hari (yup, saya sendiri mengalami), kemudian lampu yang dihidupkan kalau gelap pada siang hari.

Dan hal lain seperti makanan, kesehatan dan lainnya.

Seputar Finansial: Buku Keuangan Berbasis Perilaku →

Pertama membaca buku ini, lumayan agak terkejut dengan apa yang dijabarkan, karena banyak hal yang memang terjadi pada kehidupan sehari-hari, dan bagaimana gambaran hubungan manusia dengan uang, bagaimana memandang uang, memperlakukannnya, baik atau buruk. Penelitian-penelitian mengenai perilaku orang yang lazim terjadi.

[Via Seputar Finansial]

Seputar Finansial: Conveyor Belt Saving →

Mungkin banyak yang sudah mengenal dan tahu bentuk dari conveyor belt, yang biasa ada di pabrik atau tempat yang mana pekerjaan satu dilakukan di satu tempat yang kemudian akan dilanjutkan di bagian selanjutnya, dan pekerjaan itu dilanjutkan dengan menggunakan Conveyor Belt ini.

Ini sebuah analogi dan praktek yang bisa dilakukan juga dalam strategi finansial, dengan memulai satu rencana keuangan, dan kemudian melanjutkan rencana itu ditahap selanjutnya, dan seterusnya, bisa dari satu bentuk tabungan, kemudian berubah menjadi investasi instrumen a dan bisa juga setelah beberapa waktu menjadi investasi instrumen B.

[Via Seputar Finansial]

Membandingkan Tabungan bunga tinggi, deposito, reksa dana pasar uang, dan Obligasi →

Di artikel ini membahas dari sisi perbedaan dan juga lebih mending mana, atau mana yang lebih memberi return maksimal dari uang yang kita simpan, meski perbandingan ini terbatas hanya pada awal 2019 sampe akhir 2019 (satu tahun), menjumlahkan return dari masing-masing instrumen berdasarkan data 2019.

Dan produk yang dibandingkan yaitu,

  • Tabungan berbunga tinggi
  • Deposito
  • Reksa dana pasar uang
  • Obligasi negara


How to explain anything to anyone: 4 steps to clearer communication →

Bagaimana melakukan komunikasi yang efektif, terkadang kita agak kesusahan dalam menyampaikan apa yang ada dalam pikiran kita, bagaimana mengartikulasikan pikiran ke dalam bentuk ucapan, jadinya malah tidak jelas.

Langkah yang bisa dilakukan menurut artikel tersebut,

1. Start off in the right place.
Menjelaskan konteks, agar pendengar tidak seperti mendengar penjelasan lompat-lompat, karena beda orang beda juga cara menangkap sesuatunya, memang ini jadinya semacam “kerjaan” lagi, tapi demi komunikasi yang lebih baik

…“Everyone’s got a different background, everyone’s got a different set of knowledge, and it’s our job to explain the information in terms that they already understand, “ says Walliman. “It’s no good leaving a gap and starting from there because they’re not going to follow along.”

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Hal-hal yang perlu diperhatikan ketika renovasi rumah →

Rumah atau tempat tinggal adalah salah satu hal yang penting dalam kehidupan manusia, baik rumah tersebut digunakan sebagai tempat tinggal utama, atau sebagai properti yang disewakan.

Sebelum melakukan renovasi ini, sangat penting tentunya perencanaan matang, mau melakukan apa, apa saja yang akan direnovasi, ini kalau bisa tentukan diawal sebelum menghubungi kontraktor yang akan merenovasi rumah.

Perencanaan ini berkaitan dengan budget yang akan dikeluarkan, setidaknya memiliki angka kira-kira yang nantinya kita alokasikan, meski sangat mungkin anggaran itu membengkak (sangat jarang kasus menjadi lebih murah), tapi setidaknya ada angka kisaran yang bisa dipakai.

Selengkapnya Seputarfinansial

Otomatisasi finansial →

Terkadang kita berat untuk melakukan transfer atau pembelian produk-produk investasi, dan tidak jarang juga malah lebih memilih untuk belanja barang online, itu lumrah, karena bagian dari “otak kadal” atau lizard brain yang bicara, lizard brain meminta kita untuk hidup hari ini, maka dari itu lebih baik dihabiskan hari ini, untuk esok itu urusan nanti.

Dengan melakuan otomatisasi ini, otak kita lebih ringan dalam mengambil keputusan, karena sudah dilakukan didepan dan tanpa ada intervensi kita.

Memulai investasi saham? →

Artikel yang ditulis di seputarfinansial, dengan fokus investasi disaham, memang tidak terlalu mendalam, tidak ada analisa teknikal atau fundamental, hanya suatu perkenalan.

Saham sebagai intrumen investasi memiliki karakteristik sendiri, dan untuk investasi atau trading disaham diperlukan pengetahuan mengenai perusahaannya, kinerjanya. Dan yang penting bagaimana cara membeli, menjual saham tersebut.

Dibahas juga apa yang bisa didapat dari investasi saham, keuntungan, risiko yang terpapar.

Google Maps the dominant local search tool, followed by Facebook and Yelp →

…a new consumer survey from Brandify found that 77% of respondents use Google Maps to find “near me” business information well ahead of other sites.

Sering melakukan ini untuk mencari tempat makan biasanya, dengan perkembangan smartphone, dan juga bagaimana orang mencari informasi tentang usaha di internet, karena tempat usaha itu berkaitan dengan lokasi, mencari di Google Map adalah pilihan pertama.

Dan ditambah dengan rating, komentar dari orang-orang yang disediakan oleh Google Map, dan itu terhubung dengan Google Business, menjadikan Google Map sebagai direktori seperti Yellow Pages dulu zaman pakai telepon rumah.

Google Chrome experiment crashes browser tabs, impacts companies worldwide →

This is a deja vu all over again, with Google Chrome has became the dominant web browser that people use, Google Chrome has been use by more than 60% of the internet population, Firefox behind it, but with huge differences of course (about > 7% marketshare) (source: wikipedia, Netmarketshare ).

In the news, covering many people from many organization who got issue with the Google Chrome installation, even cost them money.

“Do you see the impact you created for thousands of us without any warning or explanation? We are not your test subjects,” said an angry sysadmin. “We are running professional services for multi million dollar programs. Do you understand how many hours of resources were wasted by your ‘experiment’?”


“How many tens of thousands of dollars has this oops cost everyone? This is starting to look like a pretty massive mistake on Googles part,” added another disgruntled sysadmin.

Banking are one of the tightly-controlled environment, i know one bank using Google Chrome as their main browser (probably other bank using it also, but this one i know deeply), even on the Microsoft Windows machine, it was centralise controlled software, admin controll all of the version, installation, everything, on each machine.

The deja vu part, goes way back with IE 6.0, it’s the most used browser in 2000s.

Google Chrome has became integral part of the business now, and if it has misstep, it will impacting a lot of its users, even it’s a free software (but i believe it’s not free entirely, you have to pay in someway or another).

Time to consider and use another browser? FireFox or Brave, maybe.
I have switch for some time, and you should too.

Why Standups are Useless and How to Run Great Product Team Meetings →

In any case prior to a launch, standups are mostly a waste of time. That’s because the bulk of the product development process centers around (1) building (2) making decisions.

This lines, is a hard truth.

I’ve fell to this also, we are gathering at the end of the day, and thinking that we are updating each other, but since the team grew, the “update” session became long, and it took people’s time, and it’s not okay.

The communication could be done by other type of communication, asynchronously. this way, people could finish their job.

Apple’s Promise Of A Powerful MacBook Pro Has Been Frustrated →

I’ve been Apple user for sometime, i got introduced to Apple product when i’m using Powerbook from my boss back then, it’s a great machine, i love the alumunium, love the keyboard, i’m using Cheetah that time (10.0.0).

One of the issue i’ve had right now with my Macbook Pro

Hardware choices in recent years may have helped make the MacBook Pro more fashionable, but it has become harder to use. The butterfly keyboard crystallises this approach with a preference for a light and thin design over-ruling a solid and dependable keyboard

Indeed, the keyboard sucks, too many problem, from adding letter ‘e’, and now with this machine it added more spaces when i’m typing, the keyboard are subpar, i prefer the old one, i don’t mind if the machine thicker than current line up, as long as it worked.

So wanna try other laptop like XPC from Dell, or Spectre from HP, stuff it with Linux.

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Bloomberg: Why Indonesia Failed to Cash in on the China-U.S. Trade War →

Dengan adanya perang dagang antara Amerika dan Tiongkok, banyak berimbas terhadap industri-industri yang ada didua negara itu, dan beberapa negara di asia tenggara bisa mengambil untung dari kondisi itu.

Sebut Vietnam, Thailand, banyak investor yang mengalihkan investasinya ke negara tersebut, alasan kenapa Indonesia tidak begitu besar terkena imbasnya.

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Twitter ban iklan politik di platform-nya →

Whoa! ini menarik!, meski mungkin keputusan oleh @Jack ini berkaitan dengan nanti ajang pemilihan presiden di Amerika, yang mana memang sangat penuh dengan banyak hal, trik, penyesatan opini dan pandangan, sehingga lahirlah presiden Trump.

Andaikan ini terjadi sebelum pemilihan presiden kemarin di indonesia, akan sangat membantu menghilangkan hoax, penggiringan opini, berita palsu, meski orang tersebut terpelajar.

Hanya saja, sayangnya Facebook belum mau ikut aksi ini, meski sebenarnya corong hoax itu menurut saya, paling banyak di Facebook, tahu karena keluarga sendiri terpapar hal seperti hoax, berita palsu.

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Is an epidemic of sleeplessness increasing the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease? →

Let’s start with this line

…the World Health Organization has pointed to a ‘global epidemic of sleeplessness’ with roughly two-thirds of adults sleeping less than 8 h a night. Are too many of us getting too little sleep and, in so doing, increasing our risk of disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease?

In this day, especially younger people, we all have this sleeplessness, i know i have, in average i slept like 6h a day, in today’s world, With all the screen time on our tv or mostly our smartphone, all of social media that need to catch up, need to be update in some way, there’s social pressure on to that.

And this research about the connection of our sleeplessness and alzheimer, even it’s still need more research, but there’s a bidirectional relationship between those two.

To get more sleep, it is recommended that we do more exercise, i should do more…

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Resesi? apa yang harus diperhatikan? →

Meski media selalu mendengungkan resesi, baik indonesia, maupun dunia global, ini bisa jadi memang resesi atau sebuah self-fulfilling-prophecy, yang mana ramalan jadi kenyataan karena banyak yang melakukannya, karena takut atau dilandasi ramalan itu sendiri, dan kemudian jadi kenyataan.

Terlepas itu, yang pertama yang dilakukan tetap tenang, karena faktor psikologis bisa jadi salah satu faktor bisa melewati resesi, dan tentunya tips finansial lainnya.

8 powerful ways to overcome thinking errors and cognitive biases →

Cognitive biases, logical fallacy dan kesalahan berpikir hal yang sering terjadi sebenarnya, entah sadar atau tidak, artikel membahas cara mengatasi hal-hal tersebut sebelum jatuh ke prasangka (bias dalam bahasa inggris).

  1. Fokus terhadap data
  2. Cari data/informasi lain
  3. Pilah yang benar-benar fakta
  4. Tes dan tes ulang hasil pemikiran
  5. Buat asumsi berdasarkan fakta, kemudian validasi
  6. Hindari gangguan, emosi yang membuat kita susah fokus
  7. Lihat dari banyak sisi, perspektif.
  8. Kita tidak tahu semua hal, maka dari itu kita tidak tahu apa yang kita tidak tahu (iya, ribet, tapi memang fakta)

The Power of Placebo: How Our Brains Can Heal Our Minds and Bodies →

..our brain’s most remarkable powers: its ability to heal both mind and body. Vance explores the profound influence our thoughts, feelings and expectations can have on our well-being—how a positive outlook can, for example, help ease physical pain.

Dokter terkadang sering juga ngasih resep obat yang mungkin tidak ada efeknya, tapi karena ada efek placebo, percaya dengan dokter + obat yang diberi maka akan lebih cepat sembuh.

Why smart people are more likely to believe fake news →

…Some people are “cognitive misers”, for instance: they may have a lot of brainpower that allows them to perform well in exams, but they don’t always apply it, using intuition and gut instinct rather than reflective, analytical thinking.

Baca: punya otak tapi tidak digunakan. lebih mengandalkan insting dan perasaan, meski dia adalah lulusan S2-S3, atau kalangan berpendidikan. Belum lagi jika berita bohong/hoax itu dari orang yang kita kenal, dekat, maka seakan ada legitimasi terhadap hoax tersebut, peer validation, dan tentunya kesesatan berpikir (logical fallacy) ikut andil.

Pola yang biasa terjadi dalam penyebaran hoax ini

  1. Tidak membaca secara menyeluruh.
  2. Penggunaan gambar dalam berita palsu/hoax itu disengaja, karena otak lebih gampang proses gambar daripada membaca.
  3. Pengulangan, semakin banyak berita hoax itu didengar, diulang, berulang kali, orang cenderung akan percaya.
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Investasi reksa dana dengan 'uang receh' di BIBIT →

Salah satu penggunaan GoPay itu itu bisa membeli reksa dana, tepatnya membeli reksa dana di BIBIT, seperti yang sudah ditulis sebelumnya mengenai review saya dalam menggunakan BIBIT, dengan menggunakan GoPay sebagai media pembayaran terhitung cerdas, karena menurut saya bisa investasi dengan uang receh “sisa”, sisa dari GoRide, GoFood, yang mana bisa membeli produk reksa dana mulai dari Rp10.000 saja.

Uang sisa beli-beli makanan bisa lho dipakai buat investasi.

Investasi →

Kali ini membahas tentang investasi, karena lumayan agak sering membahas tentang reksa dana di sini, dan sampe membeli khusus domain dan kali ini mencoba hanya fokus terhadap 2 instrumen investasi yaitu reksa dana dan saham.

Karena investasi ini iklimnya sedang naik sekarang, terutama dikalangan generasi milleanials dan gen z, akses terhadap investasi sangat penting, selain menabung tentunya, dan sekarang sangat dipermudah aksesnya.

Tujuan investasi bisa berbeda untuk setiap orang, tapi setidaknya ada persamaan yaitu mendapatkan nilai yang lebih dari apa yang kita investasikan dikemudian harinya, yang tentunya menguntungkan, meski tidak lepas dari risiko-risiko yang ada, tergantung instrumen dan profil risikonya.

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Microplastics found in 93% of bottled water tested in global study →

Plastik, selain berguna untuk beberapa hal, tetapi banyak juga kerugiannya, sebagai contoh tentang bahayanya plastik ini yang terlihat mata, diliput oleh mengenai tidak terurainya plastik di alam.

Sedangkan ada bahaya yang lebih besar juga untuk manusia, yaitu microplastic, di artikel ini membahas bagaimana bisa microplastic bisa masuk ke minuman kemasan, yang berbahan plastik, meski perusahaan-perusahaan membantah ini, daftar merek yang diteliti salah satunya merek Aqua, terurai dan lepasnya microplastic ini kemudian bisa ada di minuman salah satunya karena panas, jalur distribusi minuman kemasan bisa sangat jauh, dan terpapar sinar matahari, ini banyak ditemui di jalan, banyak truk yang mengangkut minuman kemasan ini tidak ditutup.

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How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You →

Our fear of other people’s opinions, or FOPO as I call it, has become an irrational and unproductive obsession in the modern world, and its negative effects reach far beyond performance.

This FOPO eats up our confidence, we lived by other people’s opinions that probably knows nothing about us. look, everyone has their own struggle that we dont know. But mosty, this FOPO are only in our head, we tend to care what might come from other people’s head than minding our own growth.

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Inflasi gaya hidup →

Hal yang hampir tidak bisa kita hindarkan, dengan naiknya pendapatan, bisa naik juga gaya hidup kita, hal itu yang disebut inflasi gaya hidup, lebih banyak memikirkan yang sekarang dibanding dengan finansial di masa depan.

Tulisan terbaru yang setelah lebih dari sebulan tidak menulis blog.

How I jumped from software testing to data science →

“Wow,” I thought to myself, “the goal of testing is to protect the customer from evil bugs created by evil developers, and the ultimate manifestation of that goal is to slip the ship date!” That misguided belief stuck with me and drove many of my behaviors around software testing for nearly a decade.

There are many misguded belief around software testing, they should help developers also and present some solution for every bug or future-bug that they think will hinder either devs or end users.

To have so many scenarios around testing, it will involving devs, and i kinda agree when QA and software tester engineer sits or doing test together with devs, PO within the same squad (no, this is not only applied to agile/scrum), it will creates dynamics within the team.

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The Man Who Built The Retweet: “We Handed A Loaded Weapon To 4-Year-Olds” →

We Handed A Loaded Weapon To 4-Year-Olds

The retweet button are powerful, powerful enough to destroy ones credibility, it can started with false news, with link of course, and people without context or without reading the link, will be trigger happy and it will clicked retweet button without thinking.

The retweet and share, in other words, incentivize extreme, polarizing, and outrage-inducing content.

Very true, the last Indonesia presidential election are proof, the one who got the loudest voice are the true one, no matter how false the news is, no matter how much misinformation or just simply hoaxes, it doesn’t matter, as long that tweet (or other re-share mechanism) supporting our view, judgement or their bias.

Combined that with logical fallacy, perfect weapon.

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Microsoft & Apple OSs: A visual history →

Watching this, a blast from the past, remind me of the journey, experiencing the evolution of the desktop computing and its interface, both windows and mac.

Yes there’s a lot of other OSes that i’ve been play with like OS/2, Novell netware, GNU/Linux (Suse, Slackware, Mandrake in particular), BSDs, Solaris.

World Health Organisation makes 'gaming disorder' a recognised illness →

According to WHO recently, they officially recognized the new illness called “Gaming Disorder”, based on the WHO Update and also many news outlet pointed out, the definitions are

Gaming disorder is characterized by a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour (‘digital gaming’ or ‘video-gaming’), which may be online (i.e., over the internet) or offline, manifested by:

  1. impaired control over gaming (e.g., onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context);
  2. increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities; and
  3. continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences. The behaviour pattern is of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning.

The pattern of gaming behaviour may be continuous or episodic and recurrent. The gaming behaviour and other features are normally evident over a period of at least 12 months in order for a diagnosis to be assigned, although the required duration may be shortened if all diagnostic requirements are met and symptoms are severe.

In essence, people who leave their responsibilities in favor of playing games, are included as gaming disorder, the game itself is not a disorder, probably just like eating, there’s an illness called eating disorder, but the eating part are okay.

other outlet

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Podcast: Suara Puan →

Adalah podcast yang terakhir ini saya ketemukan, menurut pewicaranya, kata puan (menurut salah satu episodenya bernama Stephani(?)), diawali dari bentuk tulisan yang dibuat di Instagram yang kemudian berkembang merambah media baru, yaitu suara, podcast.

Diberdayakan oleh Kata Puan (Instagram: @kata.puan) untuk menyuarakan isi pikiran yang berisik dan tak mau diam. Suara ini. Sebuah emosi. Banyaknya rasa.

Sejauh ini saya menikmati, bahasa yang mudah, dan untuk yang menyukai ASMR bisa jauh menikmati podcast ini.

Former Mozilla exec: Google has sabotaged Firefox for years →

… it’s very hard not to believe or take Nightingale’s comments seriously. Slowly but surely, Google is becoming the new Microsoft, and Chrome is slowly turning into the new IE…

Not just confusing, and i agree that they have grew larger and became the new Microsoft, Google products designed only to be use optimally using Google Chrome.
And yes this is bad, not to mention Microsoft also adopting Chromium for their Microsoft Edge browser, and now Firefox is the browser that use rendering engine other than Chromium.

I’ve been using Firefox for quite some years now, and happy with it, and because Google being evil and some of their site are better with Chrome, i go with Brave browser, it’s a Chromium based browser, but with less tracker than Chrome implmented (hopefully!).

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Can you stop your parents sharing photos of you online? →

Prof Siibak says many parents feel that, as the adult, they are responsible for their child’s wellbeing, and don’t need their child’s permission as long as they believe the photos are not doing any harm.
However, she argues that parents should “absolutely” take their children’s privacy concerns more seriously.

Parents often set strict internet usage rules for their children to protect their privacy, but the “rules only seem applicable to children, and not adults in the family”.

I don’t share my kids photo online, and i hope other people also did not share my kids online, they have their own rights and in my opinion, > we don’t have right to post their picture to the internet.

If the ethical way did not stopping you to share your kids online, how about this one, IBM scrapped, scanning photos from Flickr to train their facial recognition software and god knows for what purpose that training could be. Not to mention this kinda challenge, the #10yearschallenge is a great way and a tresure for facial recignition, it can learn about age discrepancies from those people, and we gave them the access freely to our data.

Some people think it’s their rights to post their kids online, but they too have that rights to either posted it or not.

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Choiceology →

Choiceology is the latest podcast that i’ve been listening to, it tells about how human behavior affecting their daily life, their decision, it could be about finance, food choices, how they want to exercise and abandon that plan. it is all human behavior, and since this is Schwab, it has something to do with human financial decision.

My favorite episode is A Clean Slate from Season 2 Episode 5. Small change and determination could have a big impact for Ray Zahab.

By Defying Apple’s Rules, Facebook Shows It Never Learns →

In public and even under oath, executives like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg have spent at least a year—if not their entire careers—promising to do better by their users. But in private, evidence abounds that the company continues to flout every rule and attempt at oversight placed before it. They’ve promised to protect user privacy by cutting off developer access to data while continuing to give it away to corporate giants and major advertisers.

This is utter crap, and Google did it too.

How Imgur avoids the ugliness of social media →

when you post on Instagram you’re actually curating your own personal brand. You are sharing the highlight moments of your life and in order to make your life look quite good. But then on the receiving end, the people that are looking at it, it makes them feel just a little bit worse about their life because they don’t quite measure up.

Could not agree more, yes, i have an instagram, yes, sometimes i did felt that feeling, and i remember a words or something on interwebs.

Instagram is a the gallery of curated fake life”.

Dunno whether it’s true on people’s case, but i think the real life, the thing that we hold on to, people that we care (in real life) are much more important that how many likes we got.

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The Human Toll of Instant Delivery →

With the rise of online retailers like Amazon, consumers’ expectations about the speed of delivery have been transformed.

Such a sad story, she got pregnant then miscarriage, but she still have to work, her co-worker died in the line of work and her boss just putting a cone for hours and tell everybody do not touch her or move the body, they have to keep working.

And that’s about workers in America, how about in Indonesia? or what if this event happened in Indonesia, it will be a chaos.

How disinformation poisoned a ‘Facebook nation’

“I said, ‘Mark, 97 percent of Filipinos on the internet are on Facebook,’” Ressa recalled. “I invited him to come to the Philippines because he had to see the impact of this. You have to understand the impact … He was frowning while I was saying that. I said, ‘Why, why?’ He said, ‘Oh well. What are the other 3 percent doing, Maria?’”

Zuck being such an ass.
Well, Indonesia also filled with misinformation, disinformation, fake news on facebook, still happening, even with my dear brother and sister, they and lots of other suck the information to the bone, hating other people, glamorizing religion.

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The measure of eratosthenes by Carl Sagan →

Eratosthenes knew that the distance between Alexandria and Syene was approximately 800 kilometers, because he hired a man to pace it out. Eight hundred kilometers times 50 is 40,000 kilometers: so that must be the circumference of the Earth.

It was known that earth is not flat, even from 2000 years ago. this script from Carl Sagan are amazing. and specially this narration from him.

6 Fakta Ilmiah Pencemaran Timbel di Bogor dan Tangerang →

Membaca liputan ini memang sangat miris, didukung oleh hasil investigasi dari tim kompas investigasi, fakta limbah ini sudah puluhan tahun, akibat dari limbah ini seperti cacat pada anak-anak sudah banyak terjadi, hanya saja masyarakat mungkin tidak begitu paham dengan bahaya ini. Udara, air hingga tanah sudah tercemar, untuk membalikkan hal ini sangat sulit.

“Menurut Budi, konsentrasi timbel yang terdeposit dalam tubuh tidak dapat dihilangkan. Dampaknya, timbel bisa mengganggu fungsi sistem saraf pusat dalam tubuh manusia.”

Semua ini berawal dari proses peleburan aki (accu) bekas, debu, asapnya sangat berbahaya, lihat pula akibatnya pada anak-anak.

Comparing Git Workflows →

It’s a long podcast around 1,48 hour, but useful, comparing between what so-called ‘best-practice’ git workflow, and i agree that git-flow are not the silver bullet for all development branching strategy.

Why Great Developer Still Google Their Errors

Developers are not perfect, to googling an error are normal, and yes, it’s better to store other thing that much more important.

The problematic relationship between a team and their Product Owner

This is sometime a never ending ‘issue’, the communication sometime go sour, or unproductive, product wants things, devs wondering the priorities and could ended up in silos or became an ‘enemy’.

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Kubernetes Distributions with Brian Gracely and Michael Hausenblas →

Interesting talks about how kubernetes became a ‘winner’ in the orchestration realm, and how company like Redhat jump in and create its own kubernetes distribution to accomodate.

Also listen to Brent Laster talk about Jenkins 2 as build server.

Brent Laster, Author of Jenkins 2: Up and Running, Discussing some improvement and couple technical topics, and how Jenkins fit in on thee Agile and DevOps world.

Jakarta Coffee Manual 2018 →

Celebrating its fifth year, this Coffee Manual is the biggest one yet that also welcomes for the first time an exciting Special Edition up for grabs to enhance your coffee hunting experience.

I got to know this site and its gamification just yesterday. yes i love coffee, even bought a domain for that (was too occupied to update it :p).

Instant order, but too bad they’re out of stock, have to wait for a while.

Love how well the website crafted, especially the typeface, concise, just love it. props to the developers and designers!

Jangan Takut Beli Ikat Pinggang →

Tulisan menarik dari Dahlan Iskan. Saya highlight yang menarik bagi saya.

Kita juga lagi sulit. Jangan salahkan Sri Mulyani. Kalau kita tidak gagal di bidang ekspor Sri Mulyani akan baik-baik saja. Kalau ambisi kita tidak berlebihan semua akan baik-baik saja. Tapi siapa mau all out menggalakkan ekspor? Politik, bagi mereka, lebih menggiurkan.

Iya, issue ini massive, banyak negara terkena massalah ini, banyak orang tidak tahu, banyak orang yang sama sekali ignorant, diberi fakta hanya bisa nyinyir dan counter dengan argumen bodoh. Ditambah lagi dengan kebencian yang sudah mengakar.

Alih-alih memahami apa yang ada, lebih suka menyalahkan apapun dan siapapun, karena menyalahkan itu lebih mudah daripada berpikir atau belajar.

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💩🚀 Windows 95 in Electron. Runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows →

Found this project via the verge, i can run Windows 95 on my mac, it’s a bit nostalgic, you can see it screenshot below, i first run this windows 95 in about 1997, and still using it until 98, but i still remember my friend still using win95, until 2000, and using Windows 95 Plus! as its theme.

Because back in the day the space on the harddrive are very limited, i had 250MB worth of space, with windows 95 consuming around 120-ish MB, and the rest of it either for office, code (coding with pascal, assembly, c), files or music. windows 95

head out to this page to download the release on its github.

Podcast TemuKonco: Lantip dan keris →

Judul di atas memang beda dengan judul episode podcast-nya, tapi memang itu isinya, keris, dari mulai membahas keris yang biasa sampai yang bisa dibilang langka, dan banyak diburu, desain, pamor dan lainnya.

Karena baru pertama kali dengar podcast ini, bukan karena kenal @lantip-nya, tapi memang suka dengan bagaimana TemuKonco ini membungkus podcast-nya, meski direkam di studio, tapi dibuat seperti di angkringan, dan ada efek suara orang ngobrol di belakang, atau suara air dikucurkan dan kemudian suara adukan sendok, asumsi saya itu teh manis :smile:. apik, santai, itu kesan yang saya dapatkan, semoga bisa terus tim Temukonco.

Does Taking Pictures on Our Smartphones Have Any Effect on Our Memory? →

“When you take a photo of something, you’re counting on the camera to remember for you,” Prof. Henkel says. “You’re basically saying, ‘Okay, I don’t need to think about this any further. The camera’s captured the experience.’ You don’t engage in any of the elaborative or emotional kinds of processing that really would help you remember those experiences, because you’ve outsourced it to your camera.”

and it goes

This is called the photo taking impairment effect, where my camera functions as a dropbox for my brain.

This, indeed hit us hard, be mindful, remember where we stand, enjoy the moment. and i have to admit, sometimes i don’t remember exactly the experience, i just knew that i was there, but the be present when i was there is kinda hard, and it worst with smartphone in your pocket. to admire, to appriciate what’s in front of you, we need to do that and let our brain capture all of that experieces.

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Teens Are Debating the News on Instagram →

Dengan munggunakan sedikit keahlian di aplikasi photoshop misalkan, atau hasil ngambil gambar, meme yang bertebaran, membuat informasi tidak benar sangat gampang, diawali dengan kemalasan membaca, memcari kebenaran berita, verifikasi. dan akhirnya informasi makin liar menjadikan opini, kemudian menjadi satu faktor untuk memutuskan sesuatu.

Artikel tersebut memang menggambarkan apa yang terjadi di Amerika, tapi tidak jauh beda dengan apa yang terjadi di Indonesia, dengan sosial media dipenuhi ABG yang sok bicara politik, menyampaikan ide-ide sendiri, dipenuhi dengan kebencian yang tidak ada asalnya, ditambah dengan confirmation bias + cocoklogi menjadikan semakin keruhnya sosial media, ditambah menjelang pemilihan presiden.

Abdul Wahid Azad; Pahlawan Kemerdekaan yang Dilupakan →

Kita tentu mengenal tokoh yang bisa dibilang bukan asli Indonesia seperti misalnya Laksamana Muda Maeda Takashi, yang membantu Indonesia merdeka. ada beberapa pahlawan lain yang mungkin tidak dikenal dikalangan luas, Yaitu Abdul Wahid Azad, beliau adalah salah satu pahlawan dari Tasik malaya, ikut berjuang untuk kemerdekaan Indonesia, Abdul Wahid Azad kelahiran India, banyak mengikuti perang dikala perang dunia II sebelum menetap di indonesia.

Yang menarik di video dokumenter ini, memang beliau secara teknis tidak lahir di indonesia, tapi sangat mencintai indonesia, menolak dibilang ‘asing’ hanya karena beliau pendatang, bahkan ikut peperangan dalam meraih kemerdekaan indonesia melawan belanda, jepang, nica.

Beliau adalah indonesia.

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British cave diver considering legal action over Elon Musk's 'pedo' attack →

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Musk said he would produce a video proving his submarine would have been able to reach the children and in a comment directed at Unsworth, added: “Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it.”

Totally out of line.

Other news links about this crap from Elon musk

I tracked my iPhone usage for a week and this is what I learned →

I’ll admit to suffering from phantom notifications, the feeling that your phone has just buzzed even through it hasn’t. Now I have the data to prove it.

Just, wow. and smartphone addiction happened everywhere. you should start to worry if you woke up in the morning, it’s your smartphone the one that you open first, not saying good moring to the person next to you.

How Facebook’s Rise Fueled Chaos and Confusion in Myanmar →

The riots wouldn’t have happened without Facebook.

Indeed, too many hoaxes, too many misinformation, too many lazy people that they are so lazy to read, so lazy to find the origin source, or a simple googling. This also happened to my own family, just instant share, did not mind whether the news are true or false, because it’s someone they know who were share the news, they will think that the news/article/propaganda are true.

‘Queen of Dragons’: The inside story of Malaysia’s election fixer

The stories in it, he said, could “coax, influence and instigate” people to convert, and thus amounted to proselytising—a crime in Malaysia, where two systems of law, civil and shariah, run in parallel.

Well, we have this kind of issue and actually ‘they’ succeed to thrown Ahok, using defamiation and Islam blasphemy issue to drag him to jail. even tho he did not use or blasphemed any of it. but it’s the only tool to dethrown him, and we have a less-excellent governor.

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Millions of Americans Make a Costly Mistake When Paying Credit Card Bills →

Not just in America, in Indonesia also have this misconception, an a lot people only paid at minimum of its bill. I don’t use any credit cards, kinda reluctant to apply for it, now i have met and use and even working at Jenius, not because i worked here, but it suited my need for my financial need, pay online payments, servers bills etc.

Facebook collecting its users phone calls and sms →

I think with what the service offers you like, seeing your friends posting their selfies photos, or probably seeing the other person’s video that they shared, or anything. this has happened over and over again, yesterday was Cambrige Analytica, now about Facebook collecting your call and sms data. concern? i know i’m concerned, delete the account long time a go, but still recieved this email.

facebook still emailing me

with subject titled “Deden, get back on Facebook with one click

And for people who played Farmville, well, yeah, you’re screwed also by your pig.

The company responds also did not soothing, they basically blamed you to opt-in their clause when you install the app before android 6.0 introduced, but wait, users that already newer version of android also collected.

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A Sociology of the Smartphone →

This is a quite long essay, things are spot on, it tells how smartphones changes our lives, our behavior.

For many of us, they are the last thing we look at before sleep each night, and the first thing we reach for upon waking. We use them to meet people, to communicate, to entertain ourselves, and to find our way around.

those line almost summed up our daily activity, and how smartphone integral part to our lives, read it all, it is worth the time.

Another read

Why you should manage your energy, not your time →

Leaving Social Media Taught Me How Broken The News Cycle Is →

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