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16 common mistake young startup make

mashable has wrapup the that mistake by young startup often did, here’s the recap.

  1. Forgoing Simplicity
  2. Waiting Too Long to Launch
  3. Hiring Poorly
  4. Not Embracing Agility
  5. Guarding The “Big Idea”
  6. Losing Focus
  7. Assuming Virality
  8. Obsessing Over Funding
  9. Chasing Investors Instead of Befriending Investees
  10. Dwelling on Things
  11. Getting Distracted By Feedback
  12. Not Having the Right Co-Founder
  13. Trying to Win Over Everyone
  14. Not Listening to Current (or Future) Customers
  15. Jumping to Decisions
  16. Not Maintaining Relationships

i’d like to mention point 2, it’s like every young startup did it, from their persfective, they want to impress their users with bunch of feature at once, but this is the main reason that sometimes they delayed the launch date.

(via mashable)

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