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pakeapa and jakartadev

last year i bought few domain, i just bought it, and never had a chance to think what am i gonna do with it, to name a few, i bought pakeapa.com, when i decided to bought it, i think of it’s like a blog that contain information about software, open source or anything else that other people do, have, had.

and it turns out it did, even the content has been evolving into like an interview (it did!), it borrows the idea from usesthis. and i’m glad Daniel (the onwer of the blog) is pleased and listed pakeapa.com on his site, and he’s such a nice guy, gave some advice of how i could improve.

second, i bought Jakartadev.org, it’s basically a newsletter service, focusing on developers, opensource, technology. it’s a weekly newsletter, i will send it every monday, it contain a lot of information, tutorial, and tools that you could use to speed up developement, curated by yours trully, and i hope it will become a habit for me to read tutorials, howto, or anything that could improve my dev skills.

i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

Tag: #developer