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Jakartadev.org redesign

Well, this is quite huge-ish redesign, at first i was using Lanyon by @mdo for quite sometime, and got bored, and try to use jekyll-now as basis theme. it has quite straight forward theme, no fuss, just link, content, all things that matter. new look, yeay!

On that update, i also dividing between daily update, and newsletter. Daily update aiming for well, daily, it will contain links that i’ve been reading through the morning and put it on the site, mainly about development and stuff like it. Newsletter still will be send every tuesday, and will contained some comment from me, these newsletter is like a links that i personally picked through out the week, it could picked from my daily digest with a bit comment and takes.

Head out to Jakartadev.org

Tags: #jakartadev, #development, #jekyll