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Can you stop your parents sharing photos of you online? →

Prof Siibak says many parents feel that, as the adult, they are responsible for their child’s wellbeing, and don’t need their child’s permission as long as they believe the photos are not doing any harm.
However, she argues that parents should “absolutely” take their children’s privacy concerns more seriously.

Parents often set strict internet usage rules for their children to protect their privacy, but the “rules only seem applicable to children, and not adults in the family”.

I don’t share my kids photo online, and i hope other people also did not share my kids online, they have their own rights and in my opinion, > we don’t have right to post their picture to the internet.

If the ethical way did not stopping you to share your kids online, how about this one, IBM scrapped, scanning photos from Flickr to train their facial recognition software and god knows for what purpose that training could be. Not to mention this kinda challenge, the #10yearschallenge is a great way and a tresure for facial recignition, it can learn about age discrepancies from those people, and we gave them the access freely to our data.

Some people think it’s their rights to post their kids online, but they too have that rights to either posted it or not.