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Firefox Lockwise

Firefox lockwise

Been a fan of Firefox for a while, testing out their new services (and they shut it down) or just using their products on a daily basis, now they launched Lockwise.

This one though is a huge jump for me, a password manager, i’ve been a loyal and fans of 1Password to manage my passwords, and can Lockwise replace 1Password?

Firefox as a browser could store our credentials and stored it in their cloud, and could sync it between devices, that only effective if you are a Firefox user of course, by using Lockwise, those app will share and sync the same credentials that we manage, from browser or via Lockwise app. and can pull out the credentials (username, password) from Lockwise when we need to login say on the mobile app, just like 1Password did.

Managing credentials

Clearly 1Password still the winner here (but new UX confusing, tho), we can manage easily, and also they put security around it, to open the app we need to provide password of fingerprint, then we can edit or delete the list. not with Lockwise, since tou already use the browser, you can open the list directly.

Using Lockwise

Again, since i’m using 1Password, i’ll compared it to it (i don’t use lastpass or keepass), different with 1Password which you could autofill the form, there’s no auto filling the login form usin Lockwise, currently you have to copy pasted it manually, and another part is password generator, this one is huge help considering many data breaches, but Firefox already have the product, Firefox Monitor, just need to merge it with Lockwise (that’s hard for sure).

For the mobile app is different, quite well designed, you can use biometric to login to Lockwise app, you cannot update the entry from the app, you need to go to the browser to edit it (bummer), but it can do autofill in it (screenshot).

Lockwise is free, that surely one of the many advantage.

Visit Lockwise

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