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Apple’s Promise Of A Powerful MacBook Pro Has Been Frustrated →

I’ve been Apple user for sometime, i got introduced to Apple product when i’m using Powerbook from my boss back then, it’s a great machine, i love the alumunium, love the keyboard, i’m using Cheetah that time (10.0.0).

One of the issue i’ve had right now with my Macbook Pro

Hardware choices in recent years may have helped make the MacBook Pro more fashionable, but it has become harder to use. The butterfly keyboard crystallises this approach with a preference for a light and thin design over-ruling a solid and dependable keyboard

Indeed, the keyboard sucks, too many problem, from adding letter ‘e’, and now with this machine it added more spaces when i’m typing, the keyboard are subpar, i prefer the old one, i don’t mind if the machine thicker than current line up, as long as it worked.

So wanna try other laptop like XPC from Dell, or Spectre from HP, stuff it with Linux.