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Google Chrome experiment crashes browser tabs, impacts companies worldwide →

This is a deja vu all over again, with Google Chrome has became the dominant web browser that people use, Google Chrome has been use by more than 60% of the internet population, Firefox behind it, but with huge differences of course (about > 7% marketshare) (source: wikipedia, Netmarketshare ).

In the news, covering many people from many organization who got issue with the Google Chrome installation, even cost them money.

“Do you see the impact you created for thousands of us without any warning or explanation? We are not your test subjects,” said an angry sysadmin. “We are running professional services for multi million dollar programs. Do you understand how many hours of resources were wasted by your ‘experiment’?”


“How many tens of thousands of dollars has this oops cost everyone? This is starting to look like a pretty massive mistake on Googles part,” added another disgruntled sysadmin.

Banking are one of the tightly-controlled environment, i know one bank using Google Chrome as their main browser (probably other bank using it also, but this one i know deeply), even on the Microsoft Windows machine, it was centralise controlled software, admin controll all of the version, installation, everything, on each machine.

The deja vu part, goes way back with IE 6.0, it’s the most used browser in 2000s.

Google Chrome has became integral part of the business now, and if it has misstep, it will impacting a lot of its users, even it’s a free software (but i believe it’s not free entirely, you have to pay in someway or another).

Time to consider and use another browser? FireFox or Brave, maybe.
I have switch for some time, and you should too.