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Serj Tankian

Photo by Shayan Asgharnia - Rolling Stone

Small post dedicated about Serj, I’ve watched Game of thrones religiously, even though disappointed with the finale, and alread listen to Rain of castemere by Matt Berninger, recently just heard a version from Serj Tankian, the vocalist of System of a Down, oh god that is great version, i love this version a lot, you should listen!.

My first exposure to Serj’s voice, of course with System of a Down, when they released self titled album, System of a down in 1998, and their following album, Toxicity, there’s a lot in this album, lots of anger, tell a lot of the story of social injustice, what happened to the world, their view of the world and things around it, and this is in 1998-2000-ish, his voice is amazing, very distinct with other band in the same era, like limp bizkit (meh?), or other band (i also love Rage Against the Machine).

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