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End of Life for Twilio Authy Desktop Apps →

Welp! just like that…

The Authy Desktop apps for Windows and MacOS that are available or were previously downloaded from authy.com/download as well as those for Linux will reach their End-of-Life on March 19, 2024

Been usin this app on my desktop for a while now, and it’s been a great tool for providing 2FA for all of my accounts, it’s convienient and easy to use, it’s all over the place, my android, iOS, macOS, Windows, while on my laptop, don’t need to open my phone just to get 2FA, and now they shut it down.

The most tedious job is the migration, probably will use 1Password, been using that for a while, and they have 2FA feature also, but the thing is, 1Password is not cheap, yes 2FA came with the subscription, but it is worrying to depend on only one service to do it all, from password management to 2FA, i’m not too comfortable with that, there are some alternative mentioned in the webpage.