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A quick look back at the official announcement of Windows XP 23 years ago today →

Well, here we are, another nostalgia day. We have windows XP now, not much i could remember of this operating system, since i was quite busy with GNU/Linux back then, but i still using this OS as dual booth with Linux Mandrake.

Kind of huge leap for microsoft to launch this OS, trying to remember the day i was assembling my computer, it only had like 256MB of RAM, dan something AMD Athlon(?) forget the details, or i was still using Celeron II at that time.

I think i remembered how much Windows XP took space on my disk, i think around couple hundred megabytes, already using a “big” harddisk storage at that time, around 4.3GB from Quantum Fireball.

The application i have at that time i think, Winamp (this is mandatory), microsoft word, Deplhi IDE, VB IDE, SQL server lite, some other tools.

Another nostlagia post from NeoWin, Corel Linux, yup i am using that linux distro also, with Caldera, and SuSE linux, still crazy (and love) installing new fresh linux system and playing with bunch of desktop manager.