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Isyana Sarasvati — LEXICON

Suka dengan video klip dari album baru Isyana Sarasvati, LEXICON, dan secara keseluruhan albumnya juga enak didengar, bahkan ada unsur Symphonic metal, Operatik di satu lagu, yang favorit saya, Lexicon. Kualitas vokal dari Isyana juga...

Please Stay

repeat ad infinitum

There is really no one left at all

Here with me

wheels are turning i remember when you were mine Now just to reach you Baby, I’d stand in line … Don’t want your picture On my cell phone I want you here with me Don’t...

That bad stuff

You almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back So that you could have the good


Yes, it’s an -old- album, but still love it.