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Daily Bite #1

This is the first edition of Daily Bite, i’m trying to read, learn and observe on the development/technology/life/etc and get some insight of it as i can, i already have post couple post using reading list subject, and this time will try to publish it on daily basis (tentative on weekend).

  • Software architecture is failing
    Interesting read, and in fact reflects to at least my professional life, the over-designed and over-architecture system that sometimes hurting the delivery, not to mention the business. the point to make in my opinion is as developer we should be wise and also thoughful using all the hyped or cool kids technologies

  • How awesome engineers ask for help
    Communication is the key in development word, communication can be anywhere and using any tools that we have, slack, telegram, whatsapp, or even in the codes, how we connect with other developer and so, but sometimes ego will kill it all, the attitude like i’m the best, i don’t need help from the other. remember there are human behind the code that we wrote, human who make it all possible, your colleague, your open source tools that you use.

  • Dark chocolate is now a health food
    My wife would love this, the chocolate that we know right now for example from cadburry, kitkat or lindt, etc. are not pure chocolate, the main ingredient are mostly sugar and fat. but dark chocolate is different, i love dark chocolate, much more tasteful and now it is officially healthy.

  • Devdocs
    This is pure gold, remember when you have to visit all the docs site to get sense what are these function do, now we have it in one place.

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