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Daily Bite #3

  • Front-End Developer Handbook 2017
    Front-end development becoming really complicated these day, from just simple link and just hard link to a file, we still do that, but the effort is quite expensive, this is a great compilation about how Front-end got implemented, and couple things that have to be know by Front-End.

  • 15 Top Prototyping Tools Go Head-to-Head
    Head to head comparison of prototyping tools, at jenius we use Adobe XD, Zeplin and Sketch. all of them powered our design team.

  • Four Essential Elements of Agile
    We know that this Agile is a thing now, many company declared that they were agile, for me agile is about adapting, how can we adapt into technology, culture and so on.

Daily Bite is a series to documenting of what i followed and read during the day.

Tags: #learn, #hack, #development