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Spotify + Noizio

Since i love genre like triphop, lounge, chill etc, and i also love rain, love the sound, and it smells, a Pluviophile they said.

To have maximum concentration are hard, using an open office for some people probably a good thing, but not for other people, and the solution are, people start wearing headphones/earphone to have a maximum focus.

To have that focus, i tend to use these tool, yes, i use earphone, and listened to Jinsang or Barasuara, and install this app called Noizio, their website.
Listening to music and sound of rain and people chatter in the background (it’s a Noizio sound btw), and sometimes thunder (Noizio also), is quite comforting and i have a bit of focus and can do deep work.

Tags: #development, #agile, #life, #productivity