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Distringit Librorum Multitudo

Photo by Christin Hume

Just like my previous post, titled “Read maybe later”, this quote from Seneca is a hard truth,

the abundance of books is distraction
(distringit librorum multitudo )

Seneca, 1AD

Sometimes you have too many books, paper or pixel, and you have too little time to read it, and it cluttered, forgotten, even sometime the seal still intact.

We are living with so many informations, so many knowledge that one could not absorb all of it, i remembered many technical paper that i have collected/downloaded over the year, and read only few of them, that’s the non-physical form, not to mention the physical books that i bought, links that i collected (Pocket or Instapaper), the amount of percentage that i successfully read are like 10-15% of it.

To be more in writing, i have to be more on reading.

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