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Work from home, a blessing or distractions?

Photo by Charles Deluvio

With pandemic still lingering Indonesia, many office are still doing Work From Home (WFH) policy, and few other are already working at the office, i’m gonna talk about the one who are still WFH, and for those who already WFO, godspeed, stay safe!

I am grateful that i’m still working, have source of income, and doing the work while i’m at home, i can be closer to my family.

Doing work at home are not an easy one, with the time and space are blending between work and life, doing some work can be a challenge, many article suggesting things like blocking time, having a special room for working, and other “solution” but makes you far away from the family, even in the same house.

What i can see as a solution are, at least for myself, be fluid, when work need you, go work on something, and for instance, baby need your attention, and the work can wait, be with the kid, you will build a sense of agility, build up your focus, and perceived both to world can dance with each other.

And of course there’s deep work, meeting that can’t be interrupted, like above video, this has to be discussed with your spouse, find best way, tell them your uninterrupted time, usually 1-2 hours, so, you are forgiven haha!.

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