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By Deden Fathurahman

The Human Toll of Instant Delivery →

With the rise of online retailers like Amazon, consumers’ expectations about the speed of delivery have been transformed.

Such a sad story, she got pregnant then miscarriage, but she still have to work, her co-worker died in the line of work and her boss just putting a cone for hours and tell everybody do not touch her or move the body, they have to keep working.

And that’s about workers in America, how about in Indonesia? or what if this event happened in Indonesia, it will be a chaos.

How disinformation poisoned a ‘Facebook nation’

“I said, ‘Mark, 97 percent of Filipinos on the internet are on Facebook,’” Ressa recalled. “I invited him to come to the Philippines because he had to see the impact of this. You have to understand the impact … He was frowning while I was saying that. I said, ‘Why, why?’ He said, ‘Oh well. What are the other 3 percent doing, Maria?’”

Zuck being such an ass.
Well, Indonesia also filled with misinformation, disinformation, fake news on facebook, still happening, even with my dear brother and sister, they and lots of other suck the information to the bone, hating other people, glamorizing religion.

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The measure of eratosthenes by Carl Sagan →

Eratosthenes knew that the distance between Alexandria and Syene was approximately 800 kilometers, because he hired a man to pace it out. Eight hundred kilometers times 50 is 40,000 kilometers: so that must be the circumference of the Earth.

It was known that earth is not flat, even from 2000 years ago. this script from Carl Sagan are amazing. and specially this narration from him.

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6 Fakta Ilmiah Pencemaran Timbel di Bogor dan Tangerang →

Membaca liputan ini memang sangat miris, didukung oleh hasil investigasi dari tim kompas investigasi, fakta limbah ini sudah puluhan tahun, akibat dari limbah ini seperti cacat pada anak-anak sudah banyak terjadi, hanya saja masyarakat mungkin tidak begitu paham dengan bahaya ini. Udara, air hingga tanah sudah tercemar, untuk membalikkan hal ini sangat sulit.

“Menurut Budi, konsentrasi timbel yang terdeposit dalam tubuh tidak dapat dihilangkan. Dampaknya, timbel bisa mengganggu fungsi sistem saraf pusat dalam tubuh manusia.”

Semua ini berawal dari proses peleburan aki (accu) bekas, debu, asapnya sangat berbahaya, lihat pula akibatnya pada anak-anak.

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Spotify + Noizio

Since i love genre like triphop, lounge, chill etc, and i also love rain, love the sound, and it smells, a Pluviophile they said.

To have maximum concentration are hard, using an open office for some people probably a good thing, but not for other people, and the solution are, people start wearing headphones/earphone to have a maximum focus.

To have that focus, i tend to use these tool, yes, i use earphone, and listened to Jinsang or Barasuara, and install this app called Noizio, their website.
Listening to music and sound of rain and people chatter in the background (it’s a Noizio sound btw), and sometimes thunder (Noizio also), is quite comforting and i have a bit of focus and can do deep work.

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Comparing Git Workflows →

It’s a long podcast around 1,48 hour, but useful, comparing between what so-called ‘best-practice’ git workflow, and i agree that git-flow are not the silver bullet for all development branching strategy.

Why Great Developer Still Google Their Errors

Developers are not perfect, to googling an error are normal, and yes, it’s better to store other thing that much more important.

The problematic relationship between a team and their Product Owner

This is sometime a never ending ‘issue’, the communication sometime go sour, or unproductive, product wants things, devs wondering the priorities and could ended up in silos or became an ‘enemy’.

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