eat your own dogfood

This term might be unfamiliar with indonesian, but this is important if you build product and hope people gonna use it.

A product has a long and sometimes tedious processes, from initiations, designing, architecturing, if the product is a software, doing the coding, go back and forth, finalizing story, bargaining, a lot of process, sometimes drama, and we shipped the product.

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Life at Jenius

jenius for the past few month, i’ve been working at Jenius, for those who don’t know, Jenius is a bank, a fintech solution for your everyday lifes #shamelessplug.

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Extensi file Virtual di Laravel

Kasus ini terjadi karena hendak menggunakan Facebook dynamic ads, untuk memenuhi syarat yang ditulis di dokumentasi facebook marketing, dibutuhkan file XML sebagai data feeding ke marketing funnel feed.

dalam percobaan pertama, hasil response yang digunakan adalah dengan menambahkan Content-Type dioutput, tapi ini tidak cukup, facebook feed fetcher tidak support hal ini, diharuskan berupa ektensi file. memang ada cara bagaimana untuk membuat file feed ini dengan menggunakan facebook Ads SDK, tetapi hal ini mengharuskan kita untuk meng-_update_ composer.json, dan menambahkan library-nya.

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found new tool for playing my mp3 collection, on command line interface, it called cmus, you could install it using your package manager (yum, apt, homebrew, etc).


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Go-Jek Privacy Policy

Go-Jek is one of the hot startup in Indonesia, operating in major cities in Indonesia, they have massive users, lots of people use their service, from transportation, delivery, cleaning, even massage service.

someone at Telegram group asked is this for real, the Privacy Policy, security section there’s a suprising point, that they are not responsible of their own data. recently gojek was hacked and leave huge hole in their systems, and its data has been sold in black market.

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