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Daily Bite #13

  • Learn just enough Linux to get things done – I remember learn how to install and operate Linux and Novel at 1999, and that was 18 years ago. been thru quite a lot linux flavour, learn how to use shell, bash is the most used shell interface, and then learn how to configure the network, thin client configuration, and so on. and eventually working as a part time admin at warnet (basically an internet cafe), these skills surely acquired and used a long with my career on the development area.

  • How Twitter Secretly Benefits From Bots and Fake Accounts – US election changes so many things, beside Twitter approach is quite disturbing, i still use Twitter sometimes to catch updates from couple account that i follow. but this report happened on almost industries, e-commerce are one of the industry that using this tactic.

Tags: #learn, #life, #hack, #development