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Daily Bite #20

  • The State of Javascript 2017 – we’re using quite awful lots of nodejs currently to build Jenius’ microservices, sometimes this thing could be a heaven, but lot of time it’s a pain in the ass. i’m not hating nodejs environment or scene, just can’t stand with the ALL THINGS NEW! frameworks, again and again.

  • What ORMs have taught me: just learn SQL – Yes, ORM could save you a lot of time, but it also kills you, you became more and more forgetting how the SQL works, or sometimes you forgot how to do the simple JOIN queries. ORM just please use it wisely.

  • Improving productivity – 2 Years practicing Pomodoro – I use Pomodoro not often, use it when i need to complete task that are time sensitive, for example, writing a blog, or lenghty email. with 25 minutes per session, the words will coming at my fingertip. and sometimes do that when in the development mode, trully efective.

  • Cryptocurrencies – i’m into this right now, still not serious enough like other, i need to find out how this things are going and how it used in the real world. many choices, and i since i’m in the bank industry right now, blockchain technology will be use in most of the banks.

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