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Worst Macbook Pro Ever

This is a rant, Macbook Pro with touchbar are the worst macbook pro ever created by Apple, probably in all the line up of the macbooks, let me break it down, i’ve been using Apple for quite some time, and white macbook is the first macbook i ever bought, didn’t have chance (read: cannot afford) to buy Powerbook earlier. and this time i’m using Macbook Pro with touchbar (late 2016), and it’s a disappointment, yes, couple feature that i loved like its keyboard, it is good, and it was light, comparing to other macbook pros.

But all of it overshadowed by its performance battery and overall speed, the battery life is suck, 3 hour active usage is never achieved, 2.5 hours top, even if you were just browsing around, no video streaming, it still suck up your battery life, the auto contrast stupid as hell. and if you are a developer, you are fucked, you can’t have multiple virtual host or docker running without sacrificing the battery life, i have try to run full blown devs env, and it was run just almost 2 hour on battery. and no, i’m not using just one macbook pro with touchbar, i have tried 3 of them, and still have the same result.

just, wtf Apple.

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