Google product: confusing as hell

I love podcast, listen to it almost everyday, from tech new, software development, to financial. i used to listening podcast using castbox, but it had its limit, it had subscription if you want to add podcast more than 100(?), i’m switching to Google podcast now, it has decent feature, so basic, no categorizing, no playlist, been try this app for quite sometimes now.

And i opened Google Music, especially the web app. the app has different UI with Google Podcast, but it also offering the same menu as Google Podcast, a podcast. why would they offer the same thing to different app? and Google are famous to killing their app or feature when many people are using it.

Maybe i’m just too attached with Google Podcast.

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By Defying Apple’s Rules, Facebook Shows It Never Learns →

In public and even under oath, executives like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg have spent at least a year—if not their entire careers—promising to do better by their users. But in private, evidence abounds that the company continues to flout every rule and attempt at oversight placed before it. They’ve promised to protect user privacy by cutting off developer access to data while continuing to give it away to corporate giants and major advertisers.

This is utter crap, and Google did it too.

Gumpnhell: Drainase


Hati2, kamu mulai berpikir!

Ilustrasi keren dari @gumpnhell, klik gambarnya untuk unduh file pdf-nya.

Isi ulang e-money/e-toll gratis dengan Jenius dan Tokopedia

Setelah sebelumnya menulis, “Topup eMoney menggunakan Jenius”, beberapa waktu lalu, sepertinya Mandiri memutuskan untuk tidak lagi men-support aplikasi isi ulang, ditandai dengan ditariknya aplikasi mandiri e-money isi ulang di playstore, dan juga jika anda sudah pernah mengunduh aplikasi tersebut, akan selalu ada pesan gagal terhubung ke server.

Untuk informasi seputar personal finance dan artikel investasi lainnya, silakan buka

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How Imgur avoids the ugliness of social media →

when you post on Instagram you’re actually curating your own personal brand. You are sharing the highlight moments of your life and in order to make your life look quite good. But then on the receiving end, the people that are looking at it, it makes them feel just a little bit worse about their life because they don’t quite measure up.

Could not agree more, yes, i have an instagram, yes, sometimes i did felt that feeling, and i remember a words or something on interwebs.

Instagram is a the gallery of curated fake life”.

Dunno whether it’s true on people’s case, but i think the real life, the thing that we hold on to, people that we care (in real life) are much more important that how many likes we got.

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