Tmux copy paste with mouse on MacOSX

using tmux is great for your productivity. so, by default tmux is not capable doing copy pasting using your mouse by dragging text and then right click copy as usual. here’s what you can do, by pressing option and select what text that you want to copy at the same time.

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Want! Selvedge Sleeves

Selvedge Sleeves

Denim! WANT!

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Time-lapse of the Galactic Center

Galactic Center at zenith Paranal observatory, a whole sky time-lapse video of the galactic center by Astrophotographer Stéphane Guisard

Awesome video!

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Full path info on title

if you want to have full path information in your sublime text window title. open User preference, add this line.

“show_full_path”: true

Another Google reader alternative


As we may know, Google will shutdown google reader, a much beloved rss reader/service that many users have used it as their daily activity. i’ve been using Google reader for a long time, as alternative i’ve found The Old Reader as my replacement for Google Reader, Today i found about

It’s not like usual rss reader that has ‘folder’ like icon, but instead it has a list with big heading information about what rss that we’ve been subscribed. it has a simple interface with serif typeface all over the place (which is a good thing for readable purpose). Think i might use it for a while.

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