How you enjoy your coffee?

coffee bean

Do you love coffee? i know i do, got enough plenty variety of coffee in my house, and some processing tools that helps me enjoy my coffee. i know i love it, and of course enjoy it, i love to choose my beans, i love grinding my coffee beans (roasting is another level that i hadn’t mastered yet).

but this can be a problem for some hipster, the so-called coffee-lover, they tend to preach and critize how other people make their own coffee, some people love to add sugar, or maybe adding some cream, milk or some other ingredients that people will enjoy, so be it, that’s how people enjoy their own cup of coffee.

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Something in the air

you won’t have THAT something in the air if all the air is being sucked away.

anyway, let’s make some coffee, dear.

AeroPress “Ritual” from Sandwich Video

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Wish You Were Here

wish you were here

We’re just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl

Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

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The Most Astounding Fact

The Most Astounding Fact from Max Schlickenmeyer on Vimeo.

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