My dream backup scheme

Hey it’s rhyme! on my system right now, i have two timemachine who backed up my entire system, one i had it on my whole dedicated external drive, it’s an old 320GB Seagate drive, and in my DAS system (i named it “Kimu Garden”, because it’s sounds beautiful) as a backup in sparsedisk image.

On my 320GB Seagate drive i’m using plain TimeMachine app, as for sparsedisk i use carbon copy cloner (i use the free one) as backup app, maybe having 2 backup for my machine is overkill, but hey, nobody knows when shit happens.

my work files is on dropbox, exclude the codes, all my code is either on TimeMachine or in the Sparsedisk image.

i also subscribed to other online backup system, i use GDrive, Skydrive. but one thing about skydrive, it’s allows you to upload the file without having to syncronize it on to your machine, which is great, i uploaded some of the sensitive data on to it, with sparsedisk protection of course, and doesn’t have to mirror that file on my machine.

i want to have a system that can do the backup for me, i heard backblaze have amazing service and cheap comparing to the other services

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at my coderwall page, i wrote about OSX HTTP client, it’s a great app, but sometimes i want more of it, i want to craft the request intuitively with easy option to set up, and i want it without have to open another app.

A long came PostMan, a chrome extension and A powerful HTTP client to test REST web services. a tool that i use extensively for the past 2 month, it support many http verb that RESTafarian would fall in love with. go ahead, try it.

(direct link to chrome webstore)

photo are taken from here, Postman Pat, a series that Athar used to watch on JimJam.


i wanna run

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Infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as Code - ABUG Session from Patrick Debois

Every WWDC Banner Ever For The Last 11 Years

impressive collection of WWDC banner for 11 years.

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