Codeigniter Cache Tips

Cache system in Codeigniter is a quite nice feature, thanks to its modular system, you can add more than just a built in cache system, you can add your own.

if you want to make an app with search feature, if you don’t implement cache feature in it, the app will always ask the database whether it has the data or not, this could make your database work for just a ‘historical’ data. to make things faster, use cache. to get this cache (even it’s in-memory or in-file cache) work, you could make a GET method (or if you have to use POST, that’s ok, will work too) and create a URI for that search.

for example, if you want to cache a user information, just put ?key=user_name in URI, so that the URI will be saved as cache by your app (of course you must enable the cache system on config file!).

“what if the user information is changed?”, yes, if the user information is changed your cache will be something to blame if the information is not updated instantly. to make this work, just delete the cache if there’s a update action in your module, with that you’ll get the same result after its get updated

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Playing with Twitter Bootstrap

Been playing with twitter bootstrap for a while now, i’m considering to make this bootstrap template as my starting point of my project.

for the past 3 days, i’ve been working creating a patungan design template. lots of tear to create a slightly similar look to kickstarter.

look at this design

and now, trying to build a forecasting systemm. still using the same basic bootstrap template from Twitter Bootstrap.

The thing is, creating smart app tool like forecasting system is take a while, regarding of the formula, mining past data and so on. for now, i’m making my own design system, taking from couple of source.


patungan is renamed to, go make some project over there!

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Not To great

with all this deadline, i think i’m about to explode.

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If i were Facebook

i will buy

create a ‘channel-app-like’, so we’ve got status stream (text), photos, video, and last but not least, Audio. that’s where coming.

as we know that Spotify is already built in to the Facebook, it’s easier to integrate both of them. status flooding is something that many user would not love, so for the audio, the traffic will be huge, don’t bother about putting what other people listened into their wall. just don’t do that.