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Jetpants is an automation toolkit for handling monstrously large MySQL database topologies. It is geared towards common operational tasks like cloning slaves, rebalancing shards, and performing master promotions. It features a command suite for easy use by operations staff, though it’s also a full Ruby library for use in developing custom migration scripts and database automation.

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Google Reader

Google reader will say its goodbye on July 1st 2013..

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Grown up

read a post from dalton caldwell about Touring yourself

i love this quote

Going “indie” is clearly not for everyone, but I have the utmost respect for the people that are able and willing to do it.

if you read the whole post, you’ll get what his meant. and i think personally, there’s a connection of how you become a grown ups, especially when you were married, you support your family by what you were doing right now.

that kinda responsibility is not bounded by age, any age who matches criteria like supporting family and the love ones is considered a grown-ups, responsible for himself and other.

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Hipsterized commit

After adding current listened track into my commit message, now i’m adding the action, i take picture everytime commiting something. here’s how.

  • get ImageSnap brew install imagesnap or port install imagesnap
  • create this hook at your project .git/hooks/

the hook

COMMITID=$(git rev-parse HEAD)
imagesnap -q -w 1 .gitsnap/$COMMITID.jpg`

save as post-commit (so it will run after commit)

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How to stop procrastination

did you always stuck in the morning reading news, hundred of rss feed, Flipboarding(?), and last but not least, Twitter or Facebook. they can suck all of your productive time.

but there’s a way to satisfy your need to tweets or update you status. you can use the tool that [hipster(?)] developer already knows, GIT.

see, i have a record 7.777 tweets right now, and i hate to break this number. and guess what, yes, i’ve been ranting/tweeting/etc via my commit message. This way i can get both satisfaction, by writing not-all-nonsense so-called tweet and i can get productive by making change on my code, if i want to ‘tweet’, i have to change/write codes!

P.S: i can also wrote a ‘blog’ like this one, besides for my technical stuff i’ve been blogging on

lovely number

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