How to stop procrastination

did you always stuck in the morning reading news, hundred of rss feed, Flipboarding(?), and last but not least, Twitter or Facebook. they can suck all of your productive time.

but there’s a way to satisfy your need to tweets or update you status. you can use the tool that [hipster(?)] developer already knows, GIT.

see, i have a record 7.777 tweets right now, and i hate to break this number. and guess what, yes, i’ve been ranting/tweeting/etc via my commit message. This way i can get both satisfaction, by writing not-all-nonsense so-called tweet and i can get productive by making change on my code, if i want to ‘tweet’, i have to change/write codes!

P.S: i can also wrote a ‘blog’ like this one, besides for my technical stuff i’ve been blogging on

lovely number

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Git commit and mood

many developers push their code to git repo with funny or sometimes silly comments (i do that sometimes) like this whatthecommit site, but maybe it will be more hips (like hipsters do) if i can fetch api from current listened music and add them to my commit message.

here’s the idea

$ git commit -m "fixing some bugs $(last_fm)"

the last command is to insert my current track. so if we browse the log it will be shown "fixing some bugs while listening to U2 - Stay". if i don’t listened any track it will return "with no music" (or any other message).

update 2013-03-05

hispter geek

here’s the gists on github of course

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It means we are productive


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Mou ♥

i know it’s late, but just stumbling that we can post to via Mou. ID from Mou app

if you are Mac users, Mou is the best app for markdown, and it’s free!.

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The Charts that you need

Noah at 37signal made a list about the chart that he need to display data.

  1. When you want to show how something has changed over time, use a line chart.
  2. When you want to show how something is distributed, use a histogram.
  3. When you want to display summary information, use a table.

seeing this chart type for people other than devops people or developer i think it’s enough to display data.

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