Don’t know where i have been, these Hooverphonic concert with an orchestra is AMAZING!, the symfony, vocals, everything, it’s just perfect.

I was first introduced with triphop songs by my late-friend Taufik (GBU my friend), he introduced me to the type of Portishead, Hooverphonic, Lamb, Goldfrapp, etc. i was hooked, need more, just listening to a cassette (it’s year 2000 after all), mp3 is just booming, file sharing is everywhere (napster, kazaa, – yeah old), and i admit it that i was using that service a while back just to get the 2Wicky and Mad About You from Hooverphonic in MP3 format.

A Sociology of the Smartphone →

This is a quite long essay, things are spot on, it tells how smartphones changes our lives, our behavior.

For many of us, they are the last thing we look at before sleep each night, and the first thing we reach for upon waking. We use them to meet people, to communicate, to entertain ourselves, and to find our way around.

those line almost summed up our daily activity, and how smartphone integral part to our lives, read it all, it is worth the time.

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A day with Safari

Currently i’m trying to use Safari more than before, this idea coming because using Chrome is pain in the ass in terms of resources, and by simple thought, probably if i use Safari as a default browser it could dramatically change how my browsing experience and also its resources.

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Jenius x JVMUG - Reactive System

Jenius x JVMUG - Reactive System

jvm x Jenius Team Jenius dan komunitas JVM user group mengadakan event meetup dengan topik mengenai Reactive System, topik ini sangat menarik karena membahas ide fundamental dari bagaimana membangun system yang robust dan tentu saja scaled.

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Take a moment

Take a moment

hero does not deserved

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