I tracked my iPhone usage for a week and this is what I learned →

I’ll admit to suffering from phantom notifications, the feeling that your phone has just buzzed even through it hasn’t. Now I have the data to prove it.

Just, wow. and smartphone addiction happened everywhere. you should start to worry if you woke up in the morning, it’s your smartphone the one that you open first, not saying good moring to the person next to you.

Mailspring app review

Attempting to find and use Mail.app alternatives is quite hard, Mailapp itself is already mature in my opinion, all the feature are there, no gimmick, no fancy add ons that will make you miserable sometimes.

I’ve been using quite a lot alternatives, like Mozilla Thunderbird, Canary, Spark, CloudMagic, Postbox. still they can’t beat Mail.app (this is debatable), and right now, i was introduced to Mailspring. Mailspring is Electron-based app, like many of app that i have mentioned before, it’s free for basic tier, and $8/mo if you want to have extra feature (i’m fine with this current basic tier).

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Mencoba Reksadana di Bukalapak dan Tokopedia

Reksadana sebagai salah satu cara untuk berinvestasi non-sektor rill (emas, properti, dll) menjadi salah satu cara mudah untuk melakukan investasi tanpa harus melakukan pembelian sesuatu yang fisik, setidaknya itu apa yang saya rasakan dan mengerti semenjak membeli produk reksadana, untuk mengetahui apa itu reksadana, silakan baca artikel ini dan jenisnya.

Untuk informasi seputar personal finance dan artikel investasi lainnya, silakan buka Seputarfinansial.com.

Dulu saya melakukan transaksi pembelian/penjualan unit reksadana di bank commonwealth, di bank ini menyediakan fitur di aplikasi web bankingnya pembelian atau penjualan (redemption) unit, nyaman, tapi pilihan terbatas (ini pengetahuan saya 3 tahun ke belakang, sudah tidak aktif menggunakan commbank).

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Pengalaman topup M-Tix melalui Tokopedia dan Jenius

Update 4 Januari 2019, Artikel susulan, mengenai M-Tix dan TIX-ID.

Dengan teknologi yang sekarang menyentuh hampir semua lini, menonton di bioskop adalah salah satu bentuk hiburan yang tak lepas dari kemajuan teknologi, pembelian tiket bioskop sekarang amat mudah, bisa dilakukan di rumah, dimanapun.

Untuk informasi seputar personal finance dan artikel investasi lainnya, silakan buka Seputarfinansial.com.

Ini adalah pengalaman saya menggunakan M-Tix XXI sebagai salah satu bioskop yang banyak cabangnya di indonesia.

Di aplikasi Cinema XXI, untuk pembelian tiket diharuskan melakukan topup saldo yang ada di aplikasi itu yang terkait dengan akun yang dimiliki, untuk pengisian bisa melalui beberapa channel, antara lain.

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How Facebook’s Rise Fueled Chaos and Confusion in Myanmar →

The riots wouldn’t have happened without Facebook.

Indeed, too many hoaxes, too many misinformation, too many lazy people that they are so lazy to read, so lazy to find the origin source, or a simple googling. This also happened to my own family, just instant share, did not mind whether the news are true or false, because it’s someone they know who were share the news, they will think that the news/article/propaganda are true.

‘Queen of Dragons’: The inside story of Malaysia’s election fixer

The stories in it, he said, could “coax, influence and instigate” people to convert, and thus amounted to proselytising—a crime in Malaysia, where two systems of law, civil and shariah, run in parallel.

Well, we have this kind of issue and actually ‘they’ succeed to thrown Ahok, using defamiation and Islam blasphemy issue to drag him to jail. even tho he did not use or blasphemed any of it. but it’s the only tool to dethrown him, and we have a less-excellent governor.

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