That domain names

This one is more like a retrospective blog post, i have a quite number of domains, from idea to just for fun, and just few of them i kept as it going, and probably will need some idea refinement to make things as i want it to be.

As of today i have and maintaining these

  1. – this blog, trying to update things on daily basis, still trying tho, can’t keep up with the work stuff.
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Daily Bite #35

Daily Bite #34


Daily Bite #33

  • Inside Amazon’s Sphere
    Great architectural achievement, it’s a great design, cant help it but to notice that the sphere is like sanctum sanctorum’s Dr Stephen Strange.

  • Microsoft Disables Spectre Mitigations Due to Instability The patch up is not smooth, and introducing instability to the servers.

  • Garbage collectors open library with abandoned books
    This is amazing, salvaging abandoned books from the trash and build a library out of it, and it’s not that GC.

  • WhatsApp: Mark Zuckerberg’s other headache
    I think we (almost) all have family group chat, or friends/alumni group chat, and we have one (or more) member that spreading hoax, misinformation and sometimes these messages wildly spread from one group to another, the key is because it is often times the people who forward it are people we know, and because believing to that person, and their messages, pictures and video.
    And it also happened in my family group chat, sometimes i became a hoax buster or reminding my family that this is not correct, or this one is out of control and needs to be set straight. it’s hard when it comes about religion and its rules.
    This could have much longer post or rants.

Daily Bite #32

  • Drones that can plant 100,000 trees a day
    A good news, and a bit scary one, bit still a good news! these drones can planted at most 100.000 trees a day, and almost 1 billion trees a year, it can reach the unreachable area, well it flies. the drones will fires germinated seed on to the ground.

  • Who built pyramids
    Contrary to popular believe, Pyramids was build not by slaves, but by true believer of pharaoh, privileged workers. people who built pyramids knows exactly what they do and they are willing to do it.

  • Oxfam’s excellent inequality report
    How exactly the wealth distributed amongst people, and this year their mony has been stacked up, what if those were distributed to the one that need the most, it might be no more proverty.

  • Japanese farmers created a new kind of banana with an edible peel
    Well, this is interesting, banana with edible peel, they sell it on the limited proportion tho.