Facebook collecting its users phone calls and sms →

I think with what the service offers you like, seeing your friends posting their selfies photos, or probably seeing the other person’s video that they shared, or anything. this has happened over and over again, yesterday was Cambrige Analytica, now about Facebook collecting your call and sms data. concern? i know i’m concerned, delete the account long time a go, but still recieved this email.

facebook still emailing me

with subject titled “Deden, get back on Facebook with one click

And for people who played Farmville, well, yeah, you’re screwed also by your pig.

The company responds also did not soothing, they basically blamed you to opt-in their clause when you install the app before android 6.0 introduced, but wait, users that already newer version of android also collected.

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Massive Crowds Gather To Watch Dragon Ball Super Together →

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Scrum Retrospective

In Scrum world, when the organization having a running a sprint, and after that, came sprint review where they reviewing many backlogs on that particular sprint, and weighing it maybe with scoring, depends on how hard or impact. And then came sprint retrospective.
In this sprint retro (for short) it will discusses about :

  • what when well
  • what things that can be improved
  • what things that will be committed over the next sprint

Those are the most important of the sprint, and with this retro, team can be selfcheck their own issue or progress, what are thing that they thought it worked and not worked, this is so important for team to become more agile and more mature, and we keep learning along the way, there are no finish line in Agile world, everything evolved for the better, keep practicing what is done, what is complete, what is perfect.

Spoilers, above words [‘done’, ‘complete’, ‘perfect’] are not gonna be reached, at least in my opinion, product keeps evolving, keeps reaching to the higher end, products will be interrupted, life will interrupted.

So, by looking at the past we can learn how to face the future.
Main tumse pyar kartha hoon, channa mereya beliya o piyaa, meree patnee.

Daily Bite #44

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How iFixit Became the World's Best iPhone Teardown Team →

Kinda old-ish video, but i love this.

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