Watching The Watcher

This is a constant rant, we have a Job Service defined on our stack, using the very simple tool, Supervisor. this awesome tool do its job, but the thing is, our job service is sucks, and it did not cue or trigger anything if the job stuck/stalled, supervisor assumed that everything is working, because the service is still running, but failed to pass the job and execute it.

all we have to do is restarting the job on supervisor, guess we should refactoring the job service. darn!


coffee milk

recently i’ve been lazy, too lazy, no coffee rituals, no fancy brewing tools, also no fancy coffee beans. i’ve using Nestcafe instant coffee as my caffeine boost, but not just that, here’s my recipe:

  • Nescafe
  • Milk
  • Sugar (optional)

how to make it

first heat the milk (half of the glass/cup/mug), i’m using microwave to heat the milk, after that, add Nescafe instant coffee (add sugar if you want to), mix it, after that pour hot water.


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with tinypress, it might be a good thing to have a publishing platform using github as its engine and also as storage.

With Jekyll, it provide simplicity yet still looks awesomely hackish™

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JakartaJS Meetup

JakartaJS Meetup

Today, after hour, finally got a chance to attend one of the hottest Meetup, JakartaJS, even though i came late to the Meetup, but it was fun. Met few friends there, catching up old story with my friend, updating what was what. The presentation also quite fun, i just got there and people from Yes Boss is already giving their deck, i missed the first one.

pakeapa and jakartadev

last year i bought few domain, i just bought it, and never had a chance to think what am i gonna do with it, to name a few, i bought, when i decided to bought it, i think of it’s like a blog that contain information about software, open source or anything else that other people do, have, had.

and it turns out it did, even the content has been evolving into like an interview (it did!), it borrows the idea from usesthis. and i’m glad Daniel (the onwer of the blog) is pleased and listed on his site, and he’s such a nice guy, gave some advice of how i could improve.

second, i bought, it’s basically a newsletter service, focusing on developers, opensource, technology. it’s a weekly newsletter, i will send it every monday, it contain a lot of information, tutorial, and tools that you could use to speed up developement, curated by yours trully, and i hope it will become a habit for me to read tutorials, howto, or anything that could improve my dev skills.

i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

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