Daily Bite #1

This is the first edition of Daily Bite, i’m trying to read, learn and observe on the development/technology/life/etc and get some insight of it as i can, i already have post couple post using reading list subject, and this time will try to publish it on daily basis (tentative on weekend).

  • Software architecture is failing
    Interesting read, and in fact reflects to at least my professional life, the over-designed and over-architecture system that sometimes hurting the delivery, not to mention the business. the point to make in my opinion is as developer we should be wise and also thoughful using all the hyped or cool kids technologies

  • How awesome engineers ask for help
    Communication is the key in development word, communication can be anywhere and using any tools that we have, slack, telegram, whatsapp, or even in the codes, how we connect with other developer and so, but sometimes ego will kill it all, the attitude like i’m the best, i don’t need help from the other. remember there are human behind the code that we wrote, human who make it all possible, your colleague, your open source tools that you use.

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High Sierra

Upgraded to latest Apple macOS High Sierra, i think i love it, and i think this is the first time i upgraded the system without waiting x.x.1 (10.12.1 for example). couple thing that i considered as things i hate, digital clock (now with dot, e.g 10.12), how it displayed the size of the file or transfer (now with comma, e.g Transfering 10,3MB)

Couple review from other site

update 3 October 2017
since i’m using Macbook Pro with touchbar, i can’t swipe between desktop, sometimes it broken, don’t know whether it’s related, it has different trackpad, checked my uptime and it says only 7 days up, bummer.

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Acquired Taste

Have you ever have a thing that used to be you dislike and from time to time you were changed and began to like the thing that you dislike? maybe by experiece, by how we approach things differently, or you just forced it and become a habit and it suddenly less sucks than it used to be.

I used to be dislike coffee without sugar, it’s bitter, nothing else, but through out the time, i began to enjoy coffee without sugar after couple of time tasting it, and also using different approach of how i tasted the coffee, buying couple coffee brewing tools and different varieties of coffee, single origin or blend, or whatever. bought a domain name for my love for coffee (http://epicoffee.com), this thing also happened to Guinness, Wine.

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Sierra Mail App

I Have been tried many mail client for my work email (Polymail, Spark, Outlook(!), etc), and as we all know, corporate web based email is ugly, from Zimbra to Microsoft Outlook, some might tried to make it look nicer, but still i prefer using a desktop app for my everyday mailing needs.

I love macOS mail app, but up until Sierra released, the Mail app change, the one thing that annoyed me is, i cannot see the recipients list unless i clicked the ‘Details’ menu. it used to be clicking the ‘& 10 more’ if you have more than 2 cc for example.


the only thing i complained about Spark is, it cannot send email with email as an attachments.

Update : On macOS High Sierra, this issue has been fixed, and the old behavior has been restored, Yeayyy!.

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LEGO®: Customer service done right

So the story began when my nephew had his Lego brick piece is missing, it’s new, and he was trying to search the piece, probably hiding somewhere in the box, with no luck. And cleverly decided to email Lego support, tell them that he had not recieve a full pieces of his Lego, and the response from Lego is astonishing.

Lego letter

That’s customer satisfaction.