Eye tracking study on CamelCase and under_score style

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A study by Bonita Sharif and Jonathan I. Maletic from Department of Computer Science Kent State University about how the eye response to camelCase and under_score indentifier, or might be function or variable naming style.

Visual effort is determined using six measures based on eye gaze data namely: fixation counts and durations. Although, no difference was found between identifier styles with respect to accuracy, results indicate a significant improvement in time and lower visual effort with the underscore style.

personally, i like underscore rather than camelCase, it’s more readable and concise, and easily to read between word.

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Mixtape Breathe


this mixtape was made for my significant other. still, it has genre of Triphop, electronic, ambient and post-rock. featured artist is Télépopmusik, Dido, and indonesian Triphop/electronic group Homogenic!

some of the tracks listed below ♫ 8Tracks

  1. Télépopmusik - Breathe
  2. Air - Playground Love
  3. Everybody loves Irene - Rindu
  4. Röyksopp - Eple
  5. Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps …

the cover is slightly cut almost half of it (photo)

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16 common mistake young startup make

mashable has wrapup the that mistake by young startup often did, here’s the recap.

  1. Forgoing Simplicity
  2. Waiting Too Long to Launch
  3. Hiring Poorly
  4. Not Embracing Agility
  5. Guarding The “Big Idea”
  6. Losing Focus
  7. Assuming Virality
  8. Obsessing Over Funding
  9. Chasing Investors Instead of Befriending Investees
  10. Dwelling on Things
  11. Getting Distracted By Feedback
  12. Not Having the Right Co-Founder
  13. Trying to Win Over Everyone
  14. Not Listening to Current (or Future) Customers
  15. Jumping to Decisions
  16. Not Maintaining Relationships

i’d like to mention point 2, it’s like every young startup did it, from their persfective, they want to impress their users with bunch of feature at once, but this is the main reason that sometimes they delayed the launch date.

(via mashable)

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Server Name

as been discussed on id-gmail mailing list, naming a server name is hard, sometimes you have to pick a theme for your servers, there’s some who named their server using mountain name, or using Myth Gods names, and sometime some lady’s names like dewi, julie. it’s hard because sometimes once you named one of your server you should know its purpose, its capabilities based on their representative name, for example Zeus, it’s a main server that have a significant purpose on the network.

and xkcd nailed it.


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My dream backup scheme

Hey it’s rhyme! on my system right now, i have two timemachine who backed up my entire system, one i had it on my whole dedicated external drive, it’s an old 320GB Seagate drive, and in my DAS system (i named it “Kimu Garden”, because it’s sounds beautiful) as a backup in sparsedisk image.

On my 320GB Seagate drive i’m using plain TimeMachine app, as for sparsedisk i use carbon copy cloner (i use the free one) as backup app, maybe having 2 backup for my machine is overkill, but hey, nobody knows when shit happens.

my work files is on dropbox, exclude the codes, all my code is either on TimeMachine or in the Sparsedisk image.

i also subscribed to other online backup system, i use GDrive, Skydrive. but one thing about skydrive, it’s allows you to upload the file without having to syncronize it on to your machine, which is great, i uploaded some of the sensitive data on to it, with sparsedisk protection of course, and doesn’t have to mirror that file on my machine.

i want to have a system that can do the backup for me, i heard backblaze have amazing service and cheap comparing to the other services

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