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By Deden Fathurahman

Daily Bite #45

Try to listen couple podcast, and making a round up of what i’ve listened for the past week, here what i’ve listened, and probably making podcasting a routine.

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💩🚀 Windows 95 in Electron. Runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows →

Found this project via the verge, i can run Windows 95 on my mac, it’s a bit nostalgic, you can see it screenshot below, i first run this windows 95 in about 1997, and still using it until 98, but i still remember my friend still using win95, until 2000, and using Windows 95 Plus! as its theme.

Because back in the day the space on the harddrive are very limited, i had 250MB worth of space, with windows 95 consuming around 120-ish MB, and the rest of it either for office, code (coding with pascal, assembly, c), files or music. windows 95

head out to this page to download the release on its github.

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The Simple Solution to Traffic →

Indeed this was happened in every road, all of the points are valid, even tho the solution is simple, but it was hard to implement, we are monkey.

via cgpgrey

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Will.i.am on His Creative Journey and Breaking Down Barriers →

Consuming information at the speeds of space travel, There’s no absorbing. … There’s so much information being thrown around that it’s hard to keep up to know what’s real and what’s fake. It’s being done systematically to confuse.

Keep listening until the end.

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Podcast TemuKonco: Lantip dan keris →

Judul di atas memang beda dengan judul episode podcast-nya, tapi memang itu isinya, keris, dari mulai membahas keris yang biasa sampai yang bisa dibilang langka, dan banyak diburu, desain, pamor dan lainnya.

Karena baru pertama kali dengar podcast ini, bukan karena kenal @lantip-nya, tapi memang suka dengan bagaimana TemuKonco ini membungkus podcast-nya, meski direkam di studio, tapi dibuat seperti di angkringan, dan ada efek suara orang ngobrol di belakang, atau suara air dikucurkan dan kemudian suara adukan sendok, asumsi saya itu teh manis :smile:. apik, santai, itu kesan yang saya dapatkan, semoga bisa terus tim Temukonco.

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