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30 Hours of total exposure to capture this gem!

Airasia password rule is ridiculous

This is probably quite disturbing security practice by one of the high traffic airlines, and it has a huge members on its website, but this user password policy is ridiculous to follow, it even failed NiST password guideline, most password right now are sometimes more than 15 characters.

airasia password

and please check your account if it’s already hacked or not at

Daily Bite #30

New podcast channel that i’ve found recently, here it is

  • Fragmented – This podcast explore and talks about Android, with interesting guest each week.

  • Developer Tea – Lighting talks about how developers fit in, there are few other podcast at channel that i haven’t yet listened yet.

  • Tim Ferriss Show – i love this podcast, it’s easy to grasp, and Tim deliver the talks amazingly with exceptional guest.

  • Gimlet Media – Startup – Amazing podcast, wrapped differently, it’s like you were there with the host, and use real life sound to enrich the result.

  • How i build this – This podcast feature the person behind a product or company, i particularly like the Instagram episode.

TLDR; a simplified and community-driven man pages

TLDR; a simplified and community-driven man pages


These day if i’m stumbling around the terminal, and doing some brew or homebrew, sometimes i look up the Updated Formulae status, and found a lot of gem, one of it TLDR.

It will displayed man page, with only most used or short as possible, and it is maintaned by community.

Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.

Markdown as wikipedia mentioned it, is a lightweight markup language with simple text formatting syntax. the syntax is easy to write, i use markdown for this blog also, confluence page, documents, readme etc. i love Markdown mindset essay.

And for using markdown essentially you don’t need an Editor if you remember all the syntax, but sometimes it is nice to use an editor for quick formatting and also exporting markdown document to other format like HTML, PDF (it’s depends on your editor basically), this list is not necessarily a review, i can comment with my own usage.

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