Daily Bite #20

  • The State of Javascript 2017 – we’re using quite awful lots of nodejs currently to build Jenius’ microservices, sometimes this thing could be a heaven, but lot of time it’s a pain in the ass. i’m not hating nodejs environment or scene, just can’t stand with the ALL THINGS NEW! frameworks, again and again.

  • What ORMs have taught me: just learn SQL – Yes, ORM could save you a lot of time, but it also kills you, you became more and more forgetting how the SQL works, or sometimes you forgot how to do the simple JOIN queries. ORM just please use it wisely.

  • Improving productivity – 2 Years practicing Pomodoro – I use Pomodoro not often, use it when i need to complete task that are time sensitive, for example, writing a blog, or lenghty email. with 25 minutes per session, the words will coming at my fingertip. and sometimes do that when in the development mode, trully efective.

  • Cryptocurrencies – i’m into this right now, still not serious enough like other, i need to find out how this things are going and how it used in the real world. many choices, and i since i’m in the bank industry right now, blockchain technology will be use in most of the banks.

Worst Macbook Pro Ever

This is a rant, Macbook Pro with touchbar are the worst macbook pro ever created by Apple, probably in all the line up of the macbooks, let me break it down, i’ve been using Apple for quite some time, and white macbook is the first macbook i ever bought, didn’t have chance (read: cannot afford) to buy Powerbook earlier. and this time i’m using Macbook Pro with touchbar (late 2016), and it’s a disappointment, yes, couple feature that i loved like its keyboard, it is good, and it was light, comparing to other macbook pros.

But all of it overshadowed by its performance battery and overall speed, the battery life is suck, 3 hour active usage is never achieved, 2.5 hours top, even if you were just browsing around, no video streaming, it still suck up your battery life, the auto contrast stupid as hell. and if you are a developer, you are fucked, you can’t have multiple virtual host or docker running without sacrificing the battery life, i have try to run full blown devs env, and it was run just almost 2 hour on battery. and no, i’m not using just one macbook pro with touchbar, i have tried 3 of them, and still have the same result.

just, wtf Apple.

Daily Bite #19

  • 2017 was bad for facebook, 2018 Will Be Worse. – i’ve quit Facebook since 4 years ago, but have to admit that social media are still the place where you can see or feel connected to the world.

  • The Collapse of Complex Business Models – Interesting essay, and i suppose the ancient cities that spans accross Europe for example, reach its peak, and crumble, dunno whether it because of how they manage the country or just simply decided to abandon everything.

Daily Bite #18

  • Jrnl – is a dead simple journal app, a lot of fancy journal out there like Evernote, DayOne, and newer journal also with rich editing – Bear app. Jrnl.sh is simple, it runs on command line, no hassle, the configs are quite straigt forward, it also support for encryption.

  • Products over projects – quite long essay, worth to read to examine your products development over the whole projects.

  • Distributed Teams – the key for distributed team, small or large, still on the communications, if it hard to communicating in the same floor, don’t try to do remote.


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Gunung Agung

As a highest mountain in the island of Bali, as high as 3031m above the sea level, and sunday morning, it was erupted, sending ashes, and sometimes stone, it is not severe, but still, it has a huge effect on surrounding, like people have to be evacuated because the ashes is quite thick. According to our driver, his house were 7km from Mt Agung, the ashes is like 1cm thick.

And of course, flight cancelation, many people could not back to their country/places, i was on of them, my flight should be on Tuesday 23.40, but because the mountain status is not that flight friendly, so we took decision to came back at monday to Jakarta, this time using SUB as our departure, and we have to take a road for like 13 hours.

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