Gunung Agung

As a highest mountain in the island of Bali, as high as 3031m above the sea level, and sunday morning, it was erupted, sending ashes, and sometimes stone, it is not severe, but still, it has a huge effect on surrounding, like people have to be evacuated because the ashes is quite thick. According to our driver, his house were 7km from Mt Agung, the ashes is like 1cm thick.

And of course, flight cancelation, many people could not back to their country/places, i was on of them, my flight should be on Tuesday 23.40, but because the mountain status is not that flight friendly, so we took decision to came back at monday to Jakarta, this time using SUB as our departure, and we have to take a road for like 13 hours.

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Daily Bite #17

  • Thank you Opensource project letter – It’s a way to say thank you to Opensource creator/contributor, people can say gratitude to their favorite Opensource project, and sometimes the letter are quite hillarious.
  • A CEO’s Guide to Emacs – Even tho i’m not a CEO or using EMACs intensively, this is a quite comprehensive reading, Emacs can be use with other thing, some people integrate it with mp3/Spotify, and other things that i cannot imagined.
  • SAGE: A Test to Detect Signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam, I remember my grandmother had this Alzheimer, this simple testing could analyze and do some simple evaluation (you still nedd to go to the doctor for further evalution).

MoMA : Shipping and Receiving

This cool video showed The Museum of Modern Art, what they do, what the prepared, in the video, there’s no cinematic or some hipster sound as background, and not even narrator to explain the whole thing, just raw situation and ambience of the MoMA.

Daily Bite #16

  • What Lego has learned from building social network for kids – It is amazing to see how a marketing platform to become a thing that every kids that play lego waiting, in that platform, kids around the world show case their ingenuity crafting Lego, i am fond of Lego. The experience that this team had was how they capture what their customer wants by using data, this data led development or mapping the roadmap put their priorities sorted out.

    “We used to focus on one part of data and that would become the truth. Everything would be based on that one fact and it would lead development. That does not work. To be data led, you have to look at small things, like the number of kids that fell out of a flow, or what’s affecting sign-ups,”

  • Run the First Edition of Unix (1972) with Docker – i may not yet born that time of the year, even play with it, my oldest memory at my first interaction with computer was IBM XT. my brother who were showed me how the Lotus works, with PC-DOS 2 (or 3 i forgot).

Daily Bite #15