Daily Bite #6

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The Flash

the flash run! but damaging the stairs As one of the flash’ fans, not a hardcore fans, but enjoying the mythology. and been a loyal audience for the flash series. but still sometime it irritated me to see how Flash potrayed, on the series (the old one and new), the most irritating one is well his speed (i’m talking about Barry Allen’s flash, yeah there’s a lot of Flashs), Flash should be faster than anyone, even Reverse Flash could travel time/universe while having conversation with himself to decieved anyone that they were different person.

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Daily Bite #5

Whale Whisperers. Credit: Anuar Patjane Floriuk

Daily Bite #4

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Daily Bite #3

  • Front-End Developer Handbook 2017
    Front-end development becoming really complicated these day, from just simple link and just hard link to a file, we still do that, but the effort is quite expensive, this is a great compilation about how Front-end got implemented, and couple things that have to be know by Front-End.

  • 15 Top Prototyping Tools Go Head-to-Head
    Head to head comparison of prototyping tools, at jenius we use Adobe XD, Zeplin and Sketch. all of them powered our design team.

  • Four Essential Elements of Agile
    We know that this Agile is a thing now, many company declared that they were agile, for me agile is about adapting, how can we adapt into technology, culture and so on.

Daily Bite is a series to documenting of what i followed and read during the day.

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