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One of the my rss feed source posted about how he still using RSS as a main source of information, and i’m fully agree with it, i’m a fan of RSS, i can’t replace it with social media like Twitter, following news outlet to get some news, or any other social media platform, i still use the old plain RSS (regardless its an xml feed or json feed), using the social media as a source can be distracting, you could ended up reading many post unrelated to your interest.

It is so much easier to look upon, maintain and follow. yes, you could ended up with a lot of ‘dirty’ things filled on your reader, but the key is you have to selectively choose the feed that you like, and make sure the quality of the post itself. i will not for example subscribe to news site like Detik.com or Kompas.com, it’s a suicide.

For RSS reader i’m using Cappuccino, it’s a beta for now, and good thing it’s free, i’m using Feedly for a while, but i came back to Cappuccino. Cappuccino all my feed could be grabbed on my Github repo.

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Daily Bite #8

Being busy is a good thing, but the progress of this dailybites deprioritized, hate to see that, now, i’m trying to keep up!

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Daily Bite #7

  • The Icon Journey – The icon journey of Visual Studio Code, how its being made and how the initial design since its inception.

  • Google AI Experiment – Fun!

  • Tufte CSS – I kinda like this CSS, tempting to revamp my blog (again) using this, i always love the style with heavy texts.

  • What habits made me a better Software Engineer? – every developers has their own approach to become better (better is so subjective btw), but from these list, a lot of point spot on, and i want to point out how important writing blogs or article is (i try to do that to developers at Jenius ), it is so helpful and also makes you a good storyteller.

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Daily Bite #6

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The Flash

the flash run! but damaging the stairs As one of the flash’ fans, not a hardcore fans, but enjoying the mythology. and been a loyal audience for the flash series. but still sometime it irritated me to see how Flash potrayed, on the series (the old one and new), the most irritating one is well his speed (i’m talking about Barry Allen’s flash, yeah there’s a lot of Flashs), Flash should be faster than anyone, even Reverse Flash could travel time/universe while having conversation with himself to decieved anyone that they were different person.

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