A piece from Economist about Loneliness is a serious public-health problem.

That the problem exists is obvious; its nature and extent are not. Obesity can be measured on scales. But how to weigh an emotion? Researchers start by distinguishing several related conditions. Loneliness is not synonymous with social isolation (how often a person meets or speaks to friends and family) or with solitude (which implies a choice to be alone).

And came to this

Another villain in the contemporary debate is technology. Smartphones and social media are blamed for a rise in loneliness in young people.

These are other articles that mentioned and researched about Loneliness epidemic.

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Jangan Takut Beli Ikat Pinggang →

Tulisan menarik dari Dahlan Iskan. Saya highlight yang menarik bagi saya.

Kita juga lagi sulit. Jangan salahkan Sri Mulyani. Kalau kita tidak gagal di bidang ekspor Sri Mulyani akan baik-baik saja. Kalau ambisi kita tidak berlebihan semua akan baik-baik saja. Tapi siapa mau all out menggalakkan ekspor? Politik, bagi mereka, lebih menggiurkan.

Iya, issue ini massive, banyak negara terkena massalah ini, banyak orang tidak tahu, banyak orang yang sama sekali ignorant, diberi fakta hanya bisa nyinyir dan counter dengan argumen bodoh. Ditambah lagi dengan kebencian yang sudah mengakar.

Alih-alih memahami apa yang ada, lebih suka menyalahkan apapun dan siapapun, karena menyalahkan itu lebih mudah daripada berpikir atau belajar.

Life at Jenius #2

This month marked my second year at Jenius, lots of fun, i learned a lot, gaining much (knowledges and weight(!)), shifting to new technology.

For those who were uninitiated, Jenius is the new way of life, Jenius helps you manage your financial life. basically, it’s a bank, but more than just a bank.

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Daily Bite #45

Try to listen couple podcast, and making a round up of what i’ve listened for the past week, here what i’ve listened, and probably making podcasting a routine.

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💩🚀 Windows 95 in Electron. Runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows →

Found this project via the verge, i can run Windows 95 on my mac, it’s a bit nostalgic, you can see it screenshot below, i first run this windows 95 in about 1997, and still using it until 98, but i still remember my friend still using win95, until 2000, and using Windows 95 Plus! as its theme.

Because back in the day the space on the harddrive are very limited, i had 250MB worth of space, with windows 95 consuming around 120-ish MB, and the rest of it either for office, code (coding with pascal, assembly, c), files or music. windows 95

head out to this page to download the release on its github.